The “10 Questions With ….” series features pieces where we posed 10 questions each to various individuals with a connection to the Philadelphia Phillies ball club.

Those questions deal with Phillies history and their individual connection with the club, highlighting important and interesting moments.

We also look to get opinions from the participants on the current Philadelphia Phillies team as well.

Thanks to all who have participated in the past and who do so in the future. Below are links to the full series of pieces, which will be updated as each new one publishes.

1.12.22 – Chris Coste: Backup catcher with the Phillies 2008 World Series championship team provides insights on his career in the game, that unforgettable Fall Classic victory and parade, and his current involvement in the game as a minor league manager.

11.14.20 – Gregg Murphy: Broadcaster and local product, ‘Murph’ has been a Phillies fan favorite for years. Here on his career and some current team commentary as well.

5.09.20 – Ellen Adair: The Philly-born actress has starred in such TV shows as “Homeland”, “Billions”, “Chicago Fire”, “Bull”, “Brotherhood”, and many more. She is also one of the biggest Phillies fans on the planet.

4.19.20 – Graig Kreindler: Award-winning sports artist describes his background, how he became “the painter of the national pastime”, his artistic process, some of his favorite works, and how you can get your hands on one.

4.13.20 – Eric Valent: The Phillies 1998 first round draft pick played with the team in 2001-02 as part of a five-year big-league career.

4.08.20 – Joe Giglio: Weekday evening show host at 94.1 FM SportsRadio WIP, Joe talks about his life and career, and shares his opinions on a number of issues surrounding the current Philadelphia Phillies.

3.27.20 – Scott Eyre: Obtained in an August 2008 trade, Scott became a pivotal member of the Phillies ‘Bridge to Lidge’ bullpen in their World Series championship run.

3.15.20 – Mark Carfagno: For decades, Mark has led the effort to have Dick Allen enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

6.24.16 – Larry Shenk: Former longtime publicity director for the Phillies discusses his life and career with the team, some favorite moments, and the two books he has written. I also got Shenk’s opinions on a bunch of hot-button baseball items.

4.11.15 – J.P. Crawford: The Phillies hot shortstop prospect was just 20-years-old and recovering from an injury as he prepared for moving to High-A Clearwater in the 2015 campaign.

2.08.15 – Angel Ibo Castillo: Spanish language radio broadcaster of the Phillies, Castillo talked about his background and career, joining the Phillies team, and his feelings on the current rebuild.

2.04.15 – Mitch Williams: Hero and goat of the 1993 National League pennant-winning Phillies club, “The Wild Thing” talked about ‘The Dude’, Roy Halladay, the current Phillies bullpen, and a new internet radio venture.