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Nationalism is not a dirty word

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Since the inauguration of Donald Trump as the President of the United States, Democrats have been on the attack


Speaking this afternoon at The Atlantic Festival, congresswoman Nancy Pelosi related a phone call which she claimed to have received this morning from President Donald Trump.

As that phone call wound down, the president reportedly mentioned to Pelosi that he had to hang up, because he needed to make an address to the United Nations.

Pelosi claims that Trump then made a statement to her along the lines of needing to reinforce that we are not in support of globalism, but instead are in favor of nationalism.

Immediately on hearing that word “nationalism“, the overwhelmingly liberal elite Washington, D.C. insider crowd on hand for Pelosi’s presentation immediately let out a collective moan.

And there we have one of the most fundamental differences between liberals and conservatives in America today.

Donald Trump is the President of the United States. His title and job is not that of President of the Globe, President of the Planet Earth, or President of North America.

It is President Donald Trump’s job to always act in the best interests of the citizens of the United States. It is his job to put our concerns first, and to make our needs preeminent. American lives. American businesses and jobs. American values and traditions.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It is not his job to act for America “only” – just to act for America “first” – every time.

There are many times when we will work with our allies in various efforts to help those nations. However, we should never act on behalf of those nations when it is going to compromise our own citizens with no benefit to the United States.

Democrats have been doing everything within their power to demonize this president throughout his entire first term. That is totally understandable. They hate him, and they hate that he holds the office and its power.

What they had best understand as well is that we get it. As Republicans, we fully understand their motivations, their tactics, and their agenda. We understand the direction they want to take America, should they gain full power.

You often hear Pelosi, as well as the Democrats running for their party nomination in the 2020 election, making statements along the lines of needing to “bring America together” and wanting to work “for all Americans.

As Republicans, we fully understand that those statements are bold-faced lies.

The Democrats have no desire to come together with us, or to work for us. They want to gain power, and then install their liberal, progressive agenda as deeply as possible.

That agenda includes globalism, the planning of our economic and foreign policy on a global basis, as a fundamental principle. And if the United States as a nation, our citizens and their jobs, our businesses, our traditional way of life must suffer, so be it.

President Trump has done a phenomenal job in representing America’s national interests and upholding our traditional national values when dealing in foreign affairs issues, each and every time. That is, after all, his job. Whether liberals like it or not.

Innocence Lost at Sandy Hook

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Flowers placed near Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut


The little children of Sandy Hook are angels, as you can see from this picture. It was taken in May of 2011 at the Great Pootatuck Duck Race, just as thousands of yellow plastic rubber duckies were dumped into the Pootatuck River and began their journey along the waterway.

It is exactly the type of event which is a hallmark of the idyllic village of Newtown, Connecticut. The town has been home over the years to celebrities such as athlete Bruce Jenner, actor Anthony Edwards, and “Hunger Games” author Suzanne Collins.

The thought that any of the cherubic faces above may have been attending kindergarten today inside of Sandy Hook Elementary School is heartbreaking. That is because today, the light inside twenty of these innocents was snuffed out when unthinkable horror and evil visited the school.

The son of one of the teacher’s at the school entered her classroom today and massacred the children she had taught. In all, 18 innocent children died in that little classroom. Two more survived initially, were rushed to a nearby hospital, but succumbed to their injuries.

So, in all, 20 innocent children who had not even yet begun their lives, had nothing to do with the shooter, who posed him no threat, who had no knowledge of his existence were dead at his demented hands.

These were, perhaps, the most horrific, but not the only victims. In all, at least six teachers, the 20 children, and the gunman himself were killed at the school.

A few more bodies have turned up at remote locations, including the parents of the shooter at two separate locations. Another brother may be a victim or in some way involved. Authorities are still trying to sort through the madness now, hours later.

This is the second most deadly shooting massacre in American history, behind only the 32 dead at Virginia Tech in April of 2007.

Combined with the shootings inside a movie theater complex in Aurora, Colorado just last month in which a dozen were killed, and two more murdered in a madman’s rampage at a Portland, Oregon area mall earlier this week, it has been a particularly tragic holiday season.

The gun violence which plagues many large American cities has been growing and become almost an expected fact of life in places such as my own home town of Philadelphia. Here, hundreds are killed every single year, and the murder rate is up 23% over last year. Directly across the river from Philly, in crime-ravaged Camden, New Jersey, the murder rate is four times higher than our own violent city.

As much as we don’t like it, as much as it remains a tragedy, the fact remains that such violence has become an expected occurrence in a place as big as Philadelphia.

Not so in places like Sandy Hook. There, it has always been rubber ducky races in the spring, cookouts and baseball in the summer, cheerleading and football in the fall, and then times such as right now, Christmas time for the town.

The peace and joy of the season for the town of Sandy Hook and all their neighbors in the Newtown community, including 20 little children and their families, has been forever destroyed.

There will be no Christmas this year. There will be no more innocence. And there will be no sufficient answer to the question of “Why?

Perhaps just as importantly, there is no answer to the question of “Where will it happen next?” or “How do we stop this from ever happening again?

The fact of the matter is that evil has existed since the time of Satan’s rebellion, and it will continue to exist as long as mankind is in charge of the earth. We are left to pray for as much peace as possible, and to mourn.

Happy birthday to our cells

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Wednesday, October 13th, 1983 was an off-day in the World Series between my Philadelphia Phillies and the Baltimore Orioles.

That Phillies team known as the ‘Wheeze Kids’ featured a number of holdovers from the 1980 world championship team including Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, Pete Rose, and Garry Maddox had battled the Orioles of Eddie Murray, Jim Palmer, and rookie shortstop Cal Ripken Jr to a 1-1 split. The two teams were now leaving Baltimore and headed to Philly for three games at Veteran’s Stadium.

Newly appointed NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw, just one month into his role on the Peacock networks lead desk, had a full plate to report on that night.

The news included the previous month’s accidental shoot-down by the Soviet Union of a Korean airliner which had killed all 269 on board, and the selection of the first-ever black woman, Vanessa Williams, as Miss America.

One story not receiving the attention that it would go down in history as deserving was happening that day at Chicago’s Soldier Field.

On that morning, Bob Barnett, the president of Ameritech, a mobile communications company, hoisted a 2 1/2 pound Motorola DynaTAX 8000X analog phone costing approximately $4,000 and punched in a phone number which connected him to a man in Germany, the grandson of telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

In doing so, Barnett was placing the first-ever commercial cell phone call, launching an industry that has developed into a $150 billion dollar a year worldwide giant of a communications revolution.

There were 20 customers of this new ‘cell phone’ service who were present at the Soldier Field first-call event. Ameritech would sign up 12,000 subscribers that first year, each shelling out $50 per month plus 40 cents per minute during ‘peak’ hours and 25 cents per minute during ‘off-peak’ hours.

Those early cell phones were just over a foot long, and were so heavy that they received ‘the brick’ as a nickname.

Today, more than 84% of Americans own cellphones, which have advanced to become the lightweight models fitting easily into your pants pockets. The usage is so standard that even 46% of American children between eight and 12 years of age use them.

My wife and I finally decided to take our household fully wireless this year, disconnecting our ‘land-line’ telephone and cutting off that $30+ dollar per month cost. We now operate fully off our cells, with the subsequent advantage of fewer ‘crank’, ‘advertising’, ‘political’, ‘fax machine’, and simply wrong number calls to annoy us.

We are now available by cell to any of our family, friends, and co-workers wherever we may be during the day, and only need remember to charge their batteries regularly.

With basic cell phone costs dropping all the time, and with their now-digital services expanding constantly, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would keep their home wired.

While I won’t be baking a cake and lighting any candles, let me just say ‘happy 25th birthday’ or ‘happy silver anniversary’ to commercial cell phone usage. It is a service which has liberated us from wires and contributed greatly to the ease and efficiency of our lives in ways only the early marketers in the 1970’s and ’80’s could could have imagined.

The bailout and the bloodbath

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The Down Jones Industrial Average, the most popular and famous benchmark to guage the strength of the American economy, plummeted down almost 700 points today.

The index, which is based on the scaled average of the stock prices on 30 of the largest and most widely held companies here in America, was celebrating the one-year anniversary of closing at it’s all-time record high of 14,164. Today it closed at 8,579.

Just last Friday, October 3rd, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a $700 billion bailout of Wall Street and the banking industry. US News & World Report stated “A failure to pass the bill would have been devastating for markets.”

But you can’t just pick on one publication, because there were many individuals and media outlets, and quite obviously the Congress and President Bush, who believed the same thing.

So despite calls from myself and many like me that they were bastardizing capitalism, they passed the bailout package and signed it into law to keep us from devastating losses and to save our economy.

Oops! Here we are a week later, and the Dow has been devastated by a stock market crash.

Today’s collapse marked the 11th-worst percentage loss in Dow history. The Dow has declined by more than 20% over the past week, something that has traditionally defined a ‘crash’ when it happens close together like this.

None of this is to say that the market would have been fine had Congress never passed the bailout bill. It clearly wouldn’t have been. But neither has the bill been the panacea that it’s proponents, including George Bush who signed it into law and both presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama who voted for it, sold us on it being.

What the bailout accomplished was to relieve financial pressures on fat cats at the taxpayers expense. When the government borrows $700 billion dollars, we all borrow that money, because the government is us. We have to pay that money back, with interest, using our tax dollars. That is not simplistic – it’s simply the truth.

So now we not only have our stock market crash, those ‘devastating losses’ that we supposedly needed the bailout to avoid, but we are $700 billion in debt on top of it. And perhaps most importantly, the line to get more bailouts is forming.

The hard lessons of capitalism, allowed to play out in their fullest, will always weed out the bad actors and those who take negligent risk over time. Again, if they are allowed to play out naturally. By bailing out many of these bad actors and fool-hardy risk takers, the government sends the horrible message to “go ahead, do whatever you want, and if you lose, we got your back.”

For U.S. taxpayers, this was not a bailout silver bullet, or even one necessary piece to a financial recovery puzzle. This bailout was just more bullets fired into a wounded economic carcass that each day gets worse in what we can now rightly call the ‘bailout bloodbath.’

God help us all if Obama wins the election and Democrats retain control of both houses of Congress. The tax increases and spending increases that they initiate over the next few years will deal a further blow to American capitalism and greatness. And that is no over-exaggeration.

The Juice is not loose

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O.J. Simpson arrives at court last month during his robbery trial


Have you ever known someone who got away with some extreme crime or a personally hurtful action and been frustrated and angry, but there was nothing you could do about it?

You know, when you get that thought across your mind that “They will get what they have coming to them some day.”

Maybe you just believed that the person was so personally or professionally irresponsible by nature that they were bound to mess up again, or commit another crime, and that next time they wouldn’t be so fortunate as to get away?

Well, it has finally happened for those of us normal human beings as relates to the life and crimes of one Orenthal James ‘O.J.’ Simpson.

The murderer who nearly decapitated his wife and the mother of this children, Nicole Simpson, and who overpowered and sliced up a young waiter, Ron Goldman, who was simply returning sunglasses to her, over a decade ago and got away with it won’t be getting away with his latest crime.

A jury in Las Vegas found Simpson guilty on a dozen charges, including armed robbery and kidnapping, and the two-time murderer – as a civil trial found him responsible – will hopefully now spend the rest of his life behind bars.

All those people who stood and cheered and applauded on that somber day in late summer of 1995 when Johnny Cochrane and his brilliant legal team put on a spirited, financially extravagant defense to free the murderer, are now sitting on their hands. Some of them are probably even thinking “they was gonna get him, they wasn’t gonna let him get away, they wouldn’t let him breathe.”

Fact is, no imaginary ‘they‘ had to do anything to ‘get‘ this particular murderer. Like most of them, all he needed was to be left out in the world long enough, and he was going to slip up again.

Thankfully he slipped up so big that the rest of us, those who didn’t care about race or anything other than finding justice for Nicole and Ron, finally have a measure of it.

Simpson, known during his playing days as ‘The Juice’, is finally where he has belonged all along: behind bars. He no longer has to worry about scouring the nation’s golf courses in an attempt to track down “the real killers.”

Unfortunately we are left with the same attitude as always among those who cheered his previous fortune.

They continue to wail and cry when one member of their community murders another. They continue to defend their sons and brothers after they kill and maim and rob, consistently calling them a ‘good boy’ who just had some bad breaks in life.

The fact is that people make their choices and have to live with the ramifications of those actions. Those around them need to stop accepting this when it is done over and over again, and need to hold them responsible within their families and communities.

Should there be forgiveness for sins? Of course. Who among us hasn’t made mistakes, some huge, in their lives?

I certainly have. But I haven’t murdered anyone, let alone two people, had tens of thousands cheer my release, and then walked around for over a decade flaunting that court room victory.

The murderer is finally in the cage where belongs, where he can’t murder or rob any more innocent citizens (not to mention family members), and likely he will remain there for the rest of his life.

God will one day serve whatever ultimate justice He feels is appropriate for the murderer, but for now justice is served, and the Juice is no longer loose.