During the 40th anniversary of the Philadelphia Phillies 1980 World Series championship season, Phillies Bell owner/editor Matt Veasey undertook a comparison of that team with the 2008 world champions in an effort to determine which was the greatest Phillies team of all-time.

Below are the pieces that published as a position-by-position comparison along with a final wrap-up that announced which, if either, was determined to be the better overall ball club.


5.05.20 – Center field

4.27.20 – Left field

4.18.20 – First base

4.16.20 – Second base

4.10.20 – Shortstop

4.02.20 – Third base

3.30.20 – Catcher

3.24.20 – Bench reserves

3.20.20 – Relief pitching

3.18.20 – Starting pitching