Philadelphia Phillies and MLB 2020 season days lost to the COVID-19 pandemic: 20.

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Michael McCann at Sports Illustrated wrote on U.S. President Donald Trump’s sports advisory committee, which includes MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, which will advise the president as plans to re-start sports and the economy in general develop over time:

Millions of jobs are connected to the playing of games. There are obvious positions impacted. Players, coaches, staff, scouts and referees are among them. But numerous other sports-related occupations, including in venue operations, finance, media, broadcasting, advertising, apparel, merchandise, insurance, health, food, beverage, concessions, hotel and travel, are also jeopardized.

Christopher Smith at conducted a Zoom call with Boston Red Sox interim manager Ron Roenicke on the perils of starting the 2020 MLB season too soon:

“I guess the problem I see is so we go back, right? And now one person tests positive. I mean, that’s huge,” Roenicke said. “That concerns me probably more than anything. Yes, we can go play in empty stadiums and have them televised. I’m fine with all that. But if we go through this whole thing and then we get everybody in shape and then if we have one person on one team test positive, how do we continue on with the league? To me, that’s going to be the most difficult thing.”

Molly Knight at The Athletic wrote on Major League Baseball’s participation along with numerous other organizations in a massive COVID-19 anti-body study:

Major League Baseball team employees are the subjects of the first and largest COVID-19 antibody study in the United States, the lead researchers of the study told The Athletic today. Ten thousand employees of 27 of the league’s 30 clubs have volunteered to take part in what researchers from Stanford, USC and the Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory are calling the COVID-19 Sero Prevalence Study, an MLB spokesman confirmed.

Bill Shaikin at the Los Angeles Time also covered the story:

Immunity can come from a vaccine or from antibodies, and a coronavirus vaccine is widely considered to be at least one year away. Herd immunity means that enough of the population is immune that the virus can no longer spread widely within it. In theory, the more widely the virus has spread in a community, the closer it is to herd immunity.

The story was also reported on by Jeff Passan at ESPN:

Rick Westhead and Scott Mitchell at The Sporting News conducted an interview with former big-leaguer Jamie Romak, who is among a number of former MLB players set to open the season with the Korean Baseball Organization. They discussed various issues, including health-related, in getting that season underway:

Today is Jackie Robinson Day across Major League Baseball. The normal ceremonies and remembrances that would be taking place at ballparks across the country will instead be held in a virtual format across all MLB media platforms including the MLB Network and at, with and many other organizations participating in virtual events as well:


ring the bell square red

Now for the latest Philadelphia Phillies news from local and national resources:

Scott Lauber at The Inquirer reported on the Phillies organization involvement in the huge COVID-19 antibody study:

It’s unclear how many Phillies employees volunteered to take part in the independent epidemiological study…But every member of the front office had access to a take-home kit and instructions for administering the test via a simple pinprick.

James Palmer, a national reporter with the NFL Network whose father Scott Palmer is well-known to local Philly sports fans as a former 6ABC sports anchor and now longtime Phillies director of media and public affairs, tweeted about his dad’s experiences in the process:

Corey Seidman of NBC Sports Philadelphia reported on comments by Dr. Anthony Fauci regarding MLB plans to possibly start a 2020 season, including the following:

Nobody comes to the stadium. Put [the players] in big hotels, wherever you want to play, keep them very well surveilled…Have them tested every week and make sure they don’t wind up infecting each other or their family, and just let them play the season out.

Andrew McCutchen is in Playboy! No, not posing silly. McCutchen was published by Playboy for their online edition:

I can’t put a percentage to where I’m at right now, but I’m ready to play. I can do everything. There might be a couple of things I can’t do at 100 percent—like if I’m comparing my sprint speed now to my sprint speed before I got hurt, I wouldn’t say I’m quite there yet. But I could still go out on the baseball field, and if you hit a line drive in the gap, I know I could run it down.

Phillies Wall of Famer Greg Luzinski hosted his ‘The Bull Session‘ podcast this week with an interesting set of guests that included his 1980 World Series teammate Del Unser, fellow Wall of Famer Dick Allen, and public address man Dan Baker. You can listen to a recording of the podcast at the link provided.

First baseman Rhys Hoskins went 3-1 on Tuesday’s installment of the MLB The Show Players League, moving to 5-3 in the NL East, second in the division behind Jeff McNeil of the New York Mets. Hoskins is not scheduled to play again this week, and should see his next action either over the weekend or early next week.

Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports Philadephia reported on a Strat-O-Matic simulated series which began today and will continue over the next week pitting the 1980 and 2008 Phillies World Series champions against one another. Cole Hamels out-dueled Steve Carlton to give the 2008 squad a win in the series opener. This piggybacks well with the “Champions: 1980 vs 2008” position-by-position comparison series between the two teams that we have been running here at The Bell.


5999879_031020-wpvi-coronavirus-PHILADELPHIA-GENERIC-imgPhiladelphia area coronavirus updates continue to be provided via The Inquirer live news ticker on the pandemic. Also, the City of Philadelphia is currently under a Business Activity and Stay at Home Order. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the NIH (National Institutes of Health have tremendous resources on updates and the national response.

You can view the archives for these Lunch Bell reports at any time. They are released every day all year-round barring some unusual circumstance. Each report highlights important updates on the Phillies and MLB, including articles curated from around the web, social media posts, and video. During the pandemic we will include any relevant updates in that regard as well.

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FINAL NOTE: The Phillies all-time greatest player, Hall of Famer and Wall of Famer Mike Schmidt, set a franchise record on this very date 35 years ago:

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