1980 Philadelphia Phillies: memorable and beloved

To say that the 1980 Philadelphia Phillies will always be remembered is an obvious statement. But that team is more than just memorable to those of us who lived the experience. For my Pop, who passed away in the summer of 1992 at age 83, and myself, and tens of thousands like us who are still around, those Phillies will always be beloved.


Phillies three straight homers? Happened nine times

Hitting three consecutive home runs is rather rare in Phillies history. When Bryce Harper, Alex Bohm and Didi Gregorius did it on Thursday night, September 17 at Citizens Bank Park it was the ninth time. Who’s been involved the most number of times? Pat Burrell. September 30, 1977 . . . vs. Montreal, Veterans Stadium … Continue reading Phillies three straight homers? Happened nine times