A popular columnist, minister, artist, cigar smoker, big-game hunter, and writer, Doug Giles is a modern renaissance man (though he might slap down that description.)

He produces written and video material at his “Clash Daily” website. Giles is a no-holds-barred warrior for any and all causes for the betterment of traditional American culture and values.

He hits home for me particularly because he regularly posts advice and commentary as to the raising of his two teenage daughters, a process that I went through as well and can fully appreciate.

But when Giles gives advice, it isn’t, shall we say, mushy. Giles is a traditional culture superstar with a tough-guy approach and a real depth to his intellect and humor.

You can catch his weekly columns at TownHall.com, and I highly recommend his books: “Ruling in Babylon: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Twentysomethings“, “Political Twerps, Cultural Jerks, Church Quirks“, “The Bulldog Attitude: Get It Or Get Left Behind“, “10 Habits of Decidedly Defective People: the Successful Loser’s Guide to Life“, and the new “A Time to Clash“.

Pick up something, anything, from Giles’ body of work, and you will be hooked.