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Reports have surfaced in recent weeks of a marital split and pending divorce between New York Yankees superstar third baseman Alex ‘ARod’ Rodriguez and his wife Cynthia.

Now big stars getting divorced has, unfortunately, become common place in today’s American culture. But this one is proving to be a doozy.

For years, ARod publicly tried to cultivate a family-man image, and even his personal trainer recently commented on Good Morning America as to that former mind-set for the baseball star.

However, in the divorce papers being filed, Cynthia alleges numerous affairs by ARod over the years, and now claims that one most recent affair was “the last straw.” That suspected affair was with none other than pop music mega-star Madonna, who at age 49 is sixteen years the senior of ARod (he turns 33 at the end of this month.)

Cynthia claims to have found what is being described as “love notes” to the Material Girl from ARod, and there are also allegations that Madonna may have lured him with her faith in Kabbalah, the mystical branch of Judaism.

There were initial rumors of an affair between Cynthia and singer Lenny Kravitz, but they appear to have blown over. Kravitz is apparently a longtime friend of the couple, and allowed her to stay at his place in Paris for awhile to get away from the pressures.

ARod and Cynthia have been married for 5 1/2 years and have a pair of daughters, 3-year old Natasha and 3-month old Ella. Cynthia further claims in the divorce papers that ARod has “emotionally abandoned” her and the kids.

All this makes you wonder what it takes to make someone happy. Alex Rodriguez is living the dream of almost every American male. He is a baseball superstar, playing for the highest profile team in the Yankees, as the highest-paid player in the game at roughly $28 million per season. He is married to an incredibly gorgeous woman, has two beautiful little girls (one a newborn), and never wants for anything material.

Why people who have everything still want and need even more is beyond me. Madonna has vehemently denied any sexual relationship with ARod, but he was seen going to her Manhattan apartment a number of times, and it is fairly obvious that there is some type of relationship between the two. Madonna is prepping for a new world tour to begin soon, one in which Britney Spears is scheduled to be featured, so this publicity certainly won’t hurt.

But back to ARod: what more could the man possibly want in life? In a way, it’s a microcosm for us all, everyone who has ever had a family, a career, a home, and yet was still searching for more and more.

Not that he will ever know or care, but my advice to ARod is ‘be happy’. You already have everything you need, more than most will ever have. Make amends, put it back together, and let yourself and your family be happy. This search for ‘more’ simply is not worth the price you are paying, and will continue to pay.