A Time to Clash

A popular columnist, minister, artist, cigar smoker, big-game hunter, and writer, Doug Giles is a modern renaissance man (though he might slap down that description.) He produces written and video material at his "Clash Daily" website. Giles is a no-holds-barred warrior for any and all causes for the betterment of traditional American culture and values. … Continue reading A Time to Clash

2005 American of the Year: Bill O’Reilly

  Fox News commentator, author and broadcast journalist Bill O’Reilly, has been selected as the second “American of the Year” honoree in what is planned to be an annual tradition at this website. The selection of O'Reilly follows last year's honoring of former NFL player and American serviceman Pat Tillman, who gave his life in … Continue reading 2005 American of the Year: Bill O’Reilly