You lie!

Congressman Joe Wilson had enough of the lies, and could no longer contain himself.The Republican from South Carolina had sat patiently in his chair while trying to endure 45 minutes of President Barack Obama droning on about extending his Socialist vision of America into the health care industry. But then Obama told one lie too … Continue reading You lie!


A Better Country

In September of 2002, with the first anniversary remembrances of the 9/11 attacks taking place across the country, and with America obviously preparing to go to war to thwart another such attack, Arthur Borden began to notice some disturbing reactions coming from his Democratic Party, even among his own friends and colleagues. These reactions and the … Continue reading A Better Country

2005 American of the Year: Bill O’Reilly

  Fox News commentator, author and broadcast journalist Bill O’Reilly, has been selected as the second “American of the Year” honoree in what is planned to be an annual tradition at this website. The selection of O'Reilly follows last year's honoring of former NFL player and American serviceman Pat Tillman, who gave his life in … Continue reading 2005 American of the Year: Bill O’Reilly