The insiders of Washington, D.C. and most especially behind the hallowed walls of the White House are sitting on pins and needles today, as they await word from the offices of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald as to whether any indictments will come down in the “CIA Leak” case. 

Word is that indictments could possibly come for top Bush administration assistant Karl Rove, as well as to Scooter Libby, the top aid of VP Dick Cheney. There have even been some rumors as to Cheney himself being indicted. 

All the furor is over a former U.S. diplomat named Joseph Wilson, and his wife, former CIA operative Valerie Plame. Concern was that Plame’s status as an undercover agent was compromised when she was outed, possibly by Rove and/or Libby, in retaliation for Wilson having provided public information that the root causes of the Iraqi war were questionable at best. 

This is the Dem spin. Many others feel that the entire investigation is little more than a witch hunt, retaliation for the impeachment of then President Bill Clinton for lying under oath in the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. 

The trouble for the current administration may actually come not from findings that an agent was outed, but actually that one or more of the players involved may have lied in the investigation process in an attempt to cover-up something potentially embarrassing. 

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