A hitless J-Roll added his name to the Phillies record book.

Please explain. OK. On April 6, 2006, Jimmy was 0–4 against the Cardinals at Citizens Bank Park, the third game of that season. That 0-fer ended the longest hitting streak in Phillies history. The streak is one of many accomplishments in his brilliant career.

The longest hitting streaks in franchise history:

38 games
Jimmy Rollins’ streak ran August 23, 2005 through April 5, 2006. It covered two seasons as he hit in his final 36 games in 2005. That happens to be the longest Phillies single-season streak ever. Thus, J-Roll is double-booked.

During his 38-game streak, he batted .379 (64–169). It included the most hits (64), runs (36), doubles (22) and steals (15) of any Phillies streak.

2B Chase Utley almost matched Jimmy’s single-season mark, June 23, 2006 through August 3, 2006. Streak halted August 4 in Citi Field, 0–5. Batted a lusty .405 (62–153); second most hits in a Phillies streak and second most runs (35).

RF Chuck Klein (1930) held the franchise record until Rollins came along. But, wait. He had TWO 26-game streaks in that same season: (1), May 18, 2nd game through June 17, .486 (49–113); 0–4 in St. Louis on June 20, and (2), July 12 through August 3, 1st game, .434 (53–109); 0–3 in Boston in 2nd game of DH. Drove in 43 runs and posted a .521 OBP in the second streak.

It gets even better. In between, he hit in 19 of 23 games. So, overall, he hit safely in 71 of 75 games, batting .425. Insane.

In 1929, Klein set a new club record. Old mark was 23, shared by two players. This streak ran from June 30 through July 27, .467 (50–107). 13 home runs, .916 slugging percentage. Ended July 28 in Chicago, 0–4. Oh, on July 29, he started a 22-game streak.

1B Willie Montanez. July 9, 1974 through August 4, 1974, 1st game, .409 (38–93). Ended, 0–3, in second game of a Sunday doubleheader in St. Louis.

Eight different players are tied for seventh place: Lenny Dykstra (1990), Lonnie Smith (1981), Pete Rose (1979), Willie Jones (1949–50), Richie Ashburn (1948), Johnny Moore (1934), Goldie Rapp (1921) and Hans Lobert (1912).

Phinally, a bushel barrel of Phillies had 20-game hitting streaks. One name jumped out: Chicken Hawks. Had to check it out. Real name: Nelson Louis Hawks, a first baseman with the 1925 Phillies, his lone year in Philly. Hit .322 in 105 games. Spent next 6 years in the minors, including 1927–28–29 with the Reading Keystones of the International League. Only other MLB experience, 41 games, 1921 American League champions Yankees. Did not make the World Series roster.

(Friendly assist goes to baseball-reference.com which lists the streaks that date back to 1908.)

Originally published at Phillies Insider


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