President Barack Obama and his Democratic Party cohorts have told the lie so many times in recent weeks that one has to wonder if they even believe it themselves.

The President said that his stimulus bill included tax cuts for “95 percent of working families” or what he calls the middle class.

That is great, isn’t it? We have a President who cares about you and me, the working people that keep America moving forward. The hard-working everyday folks. Thank God we finally have someone in the White House who cares about us, right?

Well, that only floats if you actually believe what Obama is telling you.

Do you, and if so, why do you? Because a network news anchor tells you to believe it? Because the head of your union tells you to believe it? Because your city newspaper tells you to believe it?

President Barack Obama and his administration are simply lying to us. They are lying boldly to our faces by using positive-sounding rhetoric because they simply don’t believe that we will care enough to look deeply into the details.

Let’s start with the people who he will be raising taxes on, those making $250,000 and more. Do you know who makes up the vast majority of individuals in that category? It’s not professional athletes, or motion picture stars, or recording artists, or business CEO’s.

The vast majority of those who make that $250,000 and even a little more than that are small business owners, that’s who they are. The enterpreneurs who run the businesses such as auto mechanic shops, barber shops, restaurants, bars, art galleries, boutiques, and many more.

These people have taken risk and started businesses. They have hired employees and helped to stabilize their neighborhoods and communities.

Are they wealthy? Hardly. Sure, they enjoy the fruits of their labor and the rewards that come with successfully overcoming the many risks involved in starting up a business in the first place.

But to call most of these people ‘wealthy’ or ‘rich’ would be a gross overstatement. But these middle class enterpreneurs are going to be hit hard by President Barack Obama’s tax increases.

And what do you think they are going to do when they get that bigger tax bill? Well, take less profit, that’s what, right? No. They are going to raise the cost of your haircut, your auto repair bill, your drinks, your clothing, and your food.

Then President Obama talks about how his team is going to save “$2 trillion dollars over the next decade.” Wow, that is exciting. That is just what we have been wanting from Washington, more responsibility. It is a very Republican Party concept actually. We Republicans should be ecstatic with this development.

The only problem is that it is an outright lie. Most of this ‘savings’ is coming from those very tax increases on the +$250,000 income crowd that we just discussed. The rest is supposed to come from anticipated savings in ending the Iraq War. But the President cannot guarantee that savings, because he already is hedging his previous pledge to get out of Iraq fully.

Today he announced that 100,000 troops will come home gradually over the next 18 months, but that some 35-50,000 US troops will remain in Iraq at least through 2011.

With unstable situations involving Iran, Israel, North Korea, and many other locations throughout the world, the President is planning on saving money that he cannot make plans with. Unless he is planning on America sticking our head in the sand in world matters and just allowing terrorism-sponsoring regimes to arm themselves with nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.

I get the feeling that he is willing to take just such a risk, and in so doing he is completely forgetting the lessons that we should have learned on September 11th, 2001. How big of a successful attack on America or one of our allies will it take to wake up Obama and his supporters to the need for a strong military presence in the Middle East?

But in any event, he is not actually saving money. His budget calls for increased spending of at least 12% next year, and has been filled with thousands of political pork earmarks thanks to Congressional lobbyists.

Don’t believe it? I don’t want you to. Just get a copy of the budget for yourself and actually read it. President Obama and his supporters are betting that you won’t do that, and they are probably correct in that judgement.

One part of the President’s misguided and misnamed ‘stimulus’ bill provided large monies to the states in order to increase unemployment payments. Basically ‘free money’ to the state treasuries from the Feds.

That is how it was being sold by Obama and his people. But the truth is that some of the governors began to reject the funding. Why? Well the reality is, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Didn’t we all learn that in something like 5th grade?

The truth is that the Federal funds were temporary, but came with requirements that the states receiving the funding change the laws regarding how they handle their unemployment insurance. These changes would require the states to continue the funding once the Federal money ran out. In other words, the states would have to raise payroll and business taxes to meet these new requirements.

It’s the classic Democratic Party shill. Here, take this money, it will make you feel better today. Damn tomorrow. Crow about all the improvements that you are making now, let the folks feel happy, and when the bill comes due later, so what? Smile, tell the lie, and as long as everybody feels good today, that is what is important.

Oh, and how about that little old ‘cap and trade’ procedure that is going to provide over $600 trillion dollars in revenue over the next decade. Where is that revenue going to come from?

Well, it’s going to come from your fuel bill, your electric bill. It is going to come from increased energy costs for both those small business owners who will already see a direct increase in their taxes, and the energy bills of all those middle class citizens who allegedly were receiving tax cuts.

You see, the Democrats in general and President Barack Obama in particular are lying to your face. They are telling you that your taxes will go down when in reality every move they make will increase costs to you in the long run.

They also are placing a burden on business that is going to force companies to raise prices and costs, or cut employee jobs, or both.

This helps the middle class how, Mr. President? Look at it in a simple way each and every day. Why do you think that the stock market drops every single day these days?

The educated investors that make up the majority of stock purchases in this countries leading businesses see where all this is going. Higher costs to everyone leading to higher unemployment, leading to businesses leaving the country, leading to fewer revenue streams, leading to further cost increases, leading to fewer purchases by consumers, leading to business collapses and fewer jobs, and on and on in a never ending Democratic Party-induced debacle.

President Obama has set the country on a tragic economic course. If something is not done to change things it will simply be a race to what gets us first: economic disaster of an unparalleled magnitude that we cannot even fathom at this point, or a major terrorist attack that cripples our country and kills Americans at a magnitude never before seen.

But hey, it is going to get better. Your taxes are going down. We are going to turn this around through our new Socialist policies and programs. Sure. Tell a lie often enough, have it perpetuated by vocal supporters, and it becomes the truth to many.