Capitalism: A love story

Michael Moore is a maker of documentary films for liberal values and anti-American causes, and his latest titled "Capitalism: A Love Story" is going to be no exception. In this film, slated to be released in early Fall, Moore will attempt to portray capitalism as the root cause of the American and global financial meltdowns … Continue reading Capitalism: A love story


AIG: Angina-Inducing Greed

For those of you who may have just read the headlines and listened to the featured story blurbs on the news regarding insurance giants IAG with passing interest, I will try to give you a simplistic version.Let's start with the basics. Who or what exactly is the American International Group?Well, AIG is by their own … Continue reading AIG: Angina-Inducing Greed

Repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth

President Barack Obama and his Democratic Party cohorts have told the lie so many times in recent weeks that one has to wonder if they even believe it themselves.The President said that his stimulus bill included tax cuts for "95 percent of working families" or what he calls the middle class.That is great, isn't it? … Continue reading Repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth