Philadelphia Phillies and MLB 2020 season days lost to the COVID-19 pandemic: 24.

Patrick Saunders at the Denver Post recalled the 2015 game played by the host Baltimore Orioles and visiting Chicago White Sox played in front of no fans at Camden Yards:

It’s looking more and more likely that the 2020 Major League Baseball season — if takes place at all — will be played in nearly empty ballparks. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around that concept. What would that look like? What would it sound like? What would it feel like? If people are still dying from the coronavirus, would it be the right thing to do? It would be surreal, for sure.

Howard Cole at Sports Illustrated wrote on MLB’s potential plan to play a 2020 season at one location in Arizona:

If I’m in charge – and believe me, you don’t want that – I suggest the following: Whatever date you have in mind for the start of the season, add a month. Forget May. Don’t count on June. Hope for July. Be satisfied with August. Plan for the regular season and postseason schedules to be played in empty stadiums in Arizona, with contingency plans to employ ballparks elsewhere and the possibility of fans present.

Barry Bloom at Forbes reports that a decision will come in early May regarding this summer’s Baseball Hall of Fame ceremony:

It seems highly unlikely because of the continued growing contagion of the coronavirus at this point that a large crowd in excess of 50,000 could be drawn to Cooperstown for Hall of Fame weekend this year from July 24-27 when Derek Jeter, Larry Walker, Ted Simmons and the late labor leader Marvin Miller are slated to be inducted.

We’ve got a bench-clearing incident in the Chinese Professional Baseball League which is underway in Taiwan, and doesn’t appear as if social distancing is a factor:


ring the bell square red

Now for the latest Philadelphia Phillies news from local and national resources:

Scott Lauber at The Inquirer examined what might have happened had the Phillies not traded away future Hall of Fame pitcher Fergie Jenkins just as he was reaching Major League Baseball in 1966:

Imagine how franchise history might have been altered if Jenkins hadn’t been included in the five-player swap that netted veteran right-handers Larry Jackson and Bob Buhl from the Chicago Cubs. Think of the possibilities if the Phillies paired young, emerging Jenkins with older, still ace-worthy Jim Bunning in 1966 and ’67. Or the righty-lefty combination that could have existed atop the rotation in the ’70s if Jenkins had been able to team up with Steve Carlton.

Bella Santos at NBC Sports Philadelphia presented a quiz for Phillies fans to determine “Which Bryce Harper are you?”:

There’s a wide range of styles and types of Bryce Harpers that we have seen, from a walkoff grand slam slinging superhero to what can only be described as a hair model at Spring Training.  As we showcase some of Harper’s best moments this week on NBC Sports Philadelphia, we want to know how you measure up to the $330 million man.

Rhys Hoskins did well on Saturday night, taking three of his four games in the MLB The Show Players League. He has four games once again on Sunday at this Hoskins Twitch link:



5999879_031020-wpvi-coronavirus-PHILADELPHIA-GENERIC-imgPhiladelphia area COVID-19 updates are provided at the Department of Health site. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania also has its own dedicated PA coronavirus information and resource page.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the NIH (National Institutes of Health have tremendous resources on updates and the national response.

You can view the archives for these Lunch Bell reports at any time. They are released every day all year-round barring some unusual circumstance. Each report highlights important updates on the Phillies and MLB, including articles curated from around the web, social media posts, and video.

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FINAL NOTE: It was on this date back in 1959 that Phillies Wall of Fame lefty pitcher Chris Short made his big-league debut with the team:

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