I will be doing a handful of MLB organizational “All-Time 25-Man Roster” pieces for the “Call to the Pen” site with Fansided this off-season. This is part of that series.

The Seattle Mariners arrived in the Pacific Northwest for the 1977 season as an MLB expansion team.
The franchise joined the American League that year along with the Toronto Blue Jays, with Seattle assigned to the AL West Division.
It took the M’s until the 1991 season to experience their first winning campaign, and then until 1995 to win their first American League West Division crown.
Featuring players such as future Baseball Hall of Famers Ken Griffey Jr and Randy Johnson, and possible future Hall of Famers Alex Rodriguez and Edgar Martinez, they became regular contenders for the first time in those mid-1990’s.
The best team in franchise history, which won an American League record 116 games in 2001, developed a few years later when another future Hall of Famer, Ichiro Suzuki, arrived from Japan to begin the 21st century.
Putting together an all-time roster in a 25-man format for the Mariners was not as difficult as it might be for some big league clubs with a longer history. My toughest choice turned out to be deciding upon a 10th pitcher.
However, there certainly were some decisions that I made where other fans may have gone in a different direction. 
I would love to read your comments as to any players who I might have missed, all-time great Mariners players who you feel should be recognized here.
The following are my choices for the Mariners all-time 25-man roster, along with a brief explanation of the reasoning based on the statistics.

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