The Philadelphia Phillies have signed an agreement with an athlete management system company to help track player health status.

Per a press release received via email from Annette Wong, Marketing Associate for CoachMePlus, the company: “has signed an agreement with the medical and performance staff of the Philadelphia Phillies to provide their applied sports science platform.
The CoachMePlus system will reportedly work with the Phillies to create one centralized management system for athlete performance data. 
The company has developed customized reports and dashboards designed to support the team’s specific needs including assessment monitors and off-season workouts. 
Their software can be utilized throughout the Phils’ organization by players, coaches, athletic trainers and front office personnel.
In the press release, Phillies head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan stated:The CoachMePlus platform allows us to combine all of the athlete data we review into one centralized system, saving us time and bringing efficiency to critical evaluations…will bring an innovative approach to how we organize and analyze the numerous player data points throughout our organization.”
At their website, CoachMePlus describes their services in this manner:

Within the CoachMePlus software, each athlete’s information is entered into the system, with specifics of any restrictions that the athlete might have and any position(s) they play. Coaches are able to develop custom workout routines and assign each workout to an individual or a group of athletes. All athlete information is entered, viewed, and modified within the player dashboard; a quick drag-and-drop program building tool allows the trainer to modify group or single workout routines as needed per athlete.

CoachMePlus also allows the Coach to upload custom videos to the training platform so your athlete can have immediate and repeat access to a demonstration of the exercise. This feature will allow your athlete to perform the workout correctly; enhancing their fitness benefits and decreasing the chance of injury – all without the personal assistance of a trainer!

“We are excited to have Philadelphia join our growing list of MLB clients,” said Kevin Dawidowicz, President and Co-Founder of CoachMePlus, via the press release. 
We are now working with some of the most forward-thinking coaches in the sports science industry.  No two teams use our system the same way. The Phillies’ specific approach to monitoring their athletes on a daily basis will now be enhanced with the integration of the CoachMePlus system.
It appears that new general manager Matt Klentak has come up with yet another way to help thrust the Phillies into the 21st century. 
This would appear to be yet another sign that the franchise is moving in the right direction, modernizing the way that it does business on every level.

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