To fashion the worst Philadelphia Phillies season since 1972, a deficiency in talent and results from the 2015 starting pitching rotation was a key element. 
However, mixed in with those deficiencies were a few notable bright spots.
Fifteen different pitchers took the mound at the start of a game for the Phillies this past season. 
Thirteen of those made at least five starts apiece, while seven received double-digit starting assignments.
Those seven who did receive at least 10 starts all received at least 13. They will receive grades on their performances, along with the next highest, who received eight starts.
If others want to waste time grading the performances of the other seven starting pitchers individually, that’s fine. 
Suffice it to say that both individually and as a group, they receive an ‘F’ from me.

The seven pitchers included in that ‘F’ group, with the number of starts made, are as follows: Alec Asher (7), Chad Billingsley (7), Severino Gonzalez (7), Kevin Correia (5),Dustin McGowan (1), and Phillippe Aumont (1).
That’s a total of 28 starts, or just over 17% of the Phillies regular season games, that were made by pitchers who delivered a collective 6-18 record. Billingsley’s awful 5.84 ERA was the lowest of the group.
We know that of the following eight pitchers who are receiving grades, one is already off the roster. 
At least two more, probably at least three, will definitely not be a part of the 2016 starting rotation. That leaves four of these pitchers with a very real shot at being a part of the rotation next season.
So let’s work through the eight 2015 Phillies primary starting pitchers, and hand out their individual grades for the season:

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