Last night the internet station Wildfire Radio debuted it’s new “Unleashed” program featuring former Phillies closer Mitch Williams.

The program will air ‘live’ for an hour each Wednesday evening at 8:30pm ET. It features Mitch and his co-host Marcus Darpino interviewing various Phillies and baseball-related guests.
In the first episode airing last night, “Wild Thing” was joined live in-studio by Phillies bench coach, former player and manager, Larry Bowa. Later, there was an appearance via Skype by his ex-Phils teammate Darren Daulton.
In a fortuitous turn of events for the outspoken Wild Thing, the Jimmy Rollins trade had broken just before taking to the airwaves. This gave the already full agenda a great jump-off point in its maiden voyage.
During the show, Mitch addressed the current state of the Phillies. His advice for the team was that while it built talent, in the short-term it should focus on finding real gamers.
In his own words: “I think their spring training oughta have 90 players in it, and just find the 25 that wanta win the most.”
Bowa and Daulton joined in that call. The coach saying that in evaluating new young players “You gotta look inside somebody…does he know how to win?
Vukovich Bowa 1993
Vukovich and Bowa gave ’93 Phils “the Freeze” for poor play


When joined by his Daulton, the chemistry between the two and their former coach was palpable as they discussed how Bowa and the late John Vukovich would give the 1993 Pennant-winners “the freeze” after a particularly bad effort game.
Back in October, Mitch Williams was the subject of an entry in the ongoing “Philography” series here at TBOH and at the home site of editor Matt Veasey.
Wildfire describes themselves as “an internet radio station with a revolutionary concept…content hoarding live HD streaming audio and video…awesome interactive programming.”
If “Unleashed” is representative of what we can expect from Wildfire, they should become a force to be reckoned with in the broadcast industry.
You can enjoy all the fun and insight of that first episode at this link: Mitch Williams “Unleashed”, Episode 1

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