Jimmy Rollins reportedly dealt to the LA Dodgers
Goodbye Jimmy Rollins. The Phillies have reportedly traded their shorstop and team leader. I’m not surprised at all. And yet it’s still a bit of a shock.
Just yesterday at around 4:20pm, I published an article here at TBOH titled “Utley and Rollins Going Nowhere“, flat-out stating that I didn’t believe that either Jimmy Rollins or Chase Utley would be traded, at least right now.
I was wrong. Rather, I read the consistently mixed messages coming from the Phillies wrong. 
I had actually based my statement on one made by Ruben Amaro. The Phillies GM had stated that neither player was willing to waive their 10-and-5 rights, calling it a “challenge” when talking trade with other teams.
Amaro had gone into even more detail
, saying “They are very loyal guys. They have comfort here in Philadelphia. They have established roots here in Philadelphia. I think they love playing for the fans here, particularly when we are winning.
Unfortunately, not only are the Phillies not winning, they have publicly stated that they don’t expect to be winning for the next couple of seasons, which likely would coincide with the last couple of seasons in both Rollins and Utley’s careers.
And so, apparently, Jimmy changed his mind. The Phillies traded their iconic franchise all-time Hit King to the Los Angeles Dodgers today in exchange for a package rumored to be 2 minor league pitchers.
A local Philly radio broadcast featured an appearance from MLB insider Jayson Stark late on Tuesday evening. Stark stated that he had reason to believe that one of the arms coming to Philly was going to be lefty Zach Lee.
Now come rumors that the Dodgers were also inquiring on the entire Phillies doubleplay combo, meaning Chase Utley. Without making the Rollins deal official, LA traded their 2nd baseman, Dee Gordon, to the Marlins. 
Gordon was dealt to Miami for a package that included hot, young lefty pitcher Andrew Heaney. Could Utley also go to Los Angeles, with Heaney in the package back to the Phils? Could the teams still be trying to figure a way to include Cole Hamels?
Stay tuned as we continue to explore the fascinating breakup of the Phillies recent glory era players. And goodbye, Jimmy Rollins. More words needed on the emotion behind that goodbye. More will be coming.

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