The cries have been going out far and wide regarding President Barack Obama from the very beginning.

He is a Chicago-machine politician with a strong lean towards Socialism, and he will plunge the country deeper into debt while dismantling capitalism and further dividing the nation ideologically.

It turns out that all of this is true. Everything that was cried out has either come to pass, is in the process of coming to be, or has been actively and publicly discussed by the Obama administration as a goal and/or actual plan being drawn up.

The debt and the size of federal government has grown, jobs and the economy remain stagnant, the people’s political ideological gulf has widened.

There is one big problem here: the only people doing anything about it are Republicans.

The Democrats of the nation, especially the most liberal, are sitting on their hands, not only watching as all of the promises made to them go down the tubes along with their families futures, but having actively participated in the process by aggressively re-electing a man they knew was selling them out.

Within a short time of Obama’s first election in 2008, many liberals saw his actions, heard his words, and realized they had been duped. This was within weeks and months of the euphoria of that election. But they let him go awhile, waiting to see what would happen, knowing it had to be better than the eight years of George W. Bush they had just suffered under.

Bush himself became their bogeyman. Whenever any criticism was leveled at the bad economic numbers, at the difficulty in disengaging from the Middle East conflicts, at any issue that Obama seemed to be able to do little about, the liberals gave him a pass with the simple phrase: “this is all Bush’s fault!”

Problem? Nothing got better, and in fact, things kept getting worse.

As the 2012 election cycle rolled around, the Democratic Party knew that it was tremendously disappointed in the actions and the results of their “Change” President. In fact, the only changes were for the worse.

Oh, they griped and complained and moaned on talk shows and in newspaper articles. But no one called for any change of any substance. Absolutely no viable candidates either stepped forward or were put forth in the media as alternatives to a President in whom they were allegedly disappointed.

So 2012 came around, and they all got on board again. They talked about the “first African-American President” and how he was “better than Bush” (there was that bogeyman again). The media put on all the feel-good shots of him playing basketball, waving with his family, and talking tough about Republicans. There was little or no criticism of the President during the election cycle, and especially once it was time for the actual Presidential battle with Mitt Romney.

So now the Democrats are stuck with a guy whose hand they have seen, whose plans have been fully exposed, little of which they like, but all of which they fully endorsed by their election cycle actions. The question is, what do they do now? The answer is, they can do a lot.

Mid-term elections are coming up in 2014. Let’s see how many of those politicians distance themselves from the President and his policies. For those who do not, let’s see if voters overwhelmingly put them into office, or back into office, thus blessing the President once again.

Even though he was just elected last November to his 2nd term, time is fast running out on Barack Obama to fully install his Socialist ideas. Once that calendar turns to 2014 and we really get into that new year, attention will be turned to those mid-terms, by both his fellow politicians and by the public and media. And by 2015, candidates will begin emerging for the next Presidential elections, undoubtedly some of whom will be espousing ideas much different than his.

Barack Obama has about another six months to get his major Socialist initiatives really rolling. Republicans have not only been talking the talk in trying to stop him from derailing the American train, they have been walking the walk by actively fighting him every step of the way.

You can see and hear the frustration in Obama at times. But the people who can really make a difference, who can totally stop a potential national disaster? Those would be his fellow Democrats.

Let’s see if the liberals have the spine to actually stand up to him this time, and begin to take America back from the Socialist precipice to which their Democratic Party leader has led them all. If they do, we may be able to save traditional American exceptionalism yet.

If they do not, our grandchildren are in danger of growing up in a weakened, demoralized, economically stagnant, government-dependent Socialist state with little hope of recovery beyond the extreme of a revolution that we’ll be too old and they’ll be too uninspired to fight.


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