There has been a great deal of angst among the Lefty Lib community regarding the emergence over the past year or so of what has become known as the ‘Tea Party’ movement.

The liberals who now control the Democratic Party should be concerned, because they and their political leaders led by President Barrack Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have awoken a sleeping giant.

That sleeping giant is the true Conservative movement that the majority of Americans feel a natural affinity towards. The people who make up real main-stream America.

Hard-working, family-rearing, tax-paying, God-fearing, America-loving, law-abiding folks who want government out of their lives. Who recognize that low taxation, modest regulation, secure borders, and the teaching of and support for American exceptionalism are the true path to lasting recovery, not the socialist style policies of the Obama administration.

That sleeping giant has been embodied by the Tea Party.

The term, based on the ‘Boston Tea Party’ protesters of Revolutionary War days, evolved from those people at the grass roots levels of the Conservative movement who held and/or attended town hall meetings that sprang up across the nation during 2009 in response to the various government takeovers, bail outs, and spending programs enacted and proposed by Obama and the liberal Democrats.

Since those numerous and emotional town hall events, the Tea Partiers have taken to the internet, the radio waves, and the blogosphere to continue to push a return to basic, traditional American values and away from the government entitlements, social programs, and massive spending undertaken by the Dems.

But a problem has cropped up among some within the Tea Party movement itself. They have become so disenchanted, rightly in many cases, with some recent and current Republican politicians that they have floated the possibility of becoming their own ‘third party’ in American politics. This new formal ‘Tea Party’ would be wholly conservative in every way.

There is one major flaw to such an idea. It is a loser.

The only people who would actually benefit from a third ‘Tea Party’ made up of conservatives would be the Democratic Party and all of it’s ultra-liberal politicians, constituencies and benefactors. Such a party would basically amount to a splitting up of the Republican Party, leaving the Dems to dominate organized politics for the foreseeable future, and dooming America to their socialist tendencies, the very programs and ideals that the Tea Partiers stand against.

The ‘Tea Party’, such as it is, should remain exactly what it is – a movement. It should never try to become a third political party, thus damning itself to the destruction of the very causes for which it was established. What it should do, however, is hold Republican politicians at every level – particularly at the state and national levels – to traditional American and Conservative standards and values.

Remaining organized, active, and vocal will ensure that no longer will the Republican Party nominate a Progressive candidate as it’s standard bearer, as it has in recent years with both George W. Bush and John McCain. Instead the Republican Party will have as it’s out-front leaders those who support less governmental spending and intervention in our lives, lower taxes, a strong military, secure borders, a judiciary that interprets rather than creates laws, and programs and policies aimed at keeping America strong and independent.

Those on the leading edges of the various groups that make up the most vocal sections of the Conservative movement in America must keep the heat on the politicians and the Republican Party as a whole, while at the same time tempering and better channeling the emotions of those who would sabotage the Party and imperil it’s future from within.

Only by sticking together and remaining strong will we be able to overcome the Liberals, the Progressives, and the Democrats, elect conservative Republican majorities, and begin to roll back the Obama policies, dismantle the Obama programs, and return America to common sense.


2 thoughts on “Tea Party should not be a ‘third’ Party

  1. While I absolutely agree that it is the Progressive elements within BOTH of the two major Party's which have been the problem, I will continue to respectfully and strongly disagree with you on the premise that the entire system needs to be blown up and that a 3rd formal political Party would in any way be viable. The American system is an outstanding one, it has simply been corrupted because we have allowed it to become so. We can change this with directed, continuous, organized, concerted efforts such as that begun by the Tea Party movement.


  2. If all the tea party can accomplish is the election of Republicans it will have been a complete failure. Like the Democrats, the Republican Party is filled with nothing more than crooked con men, professional politicians, who serve the interest of multinational corporations before those of the people of the United States. The Democrat and Republican Parties should not be bailed out, they should be dismantled and destroyed. The only wasted vote is a vote for a Democrat or a Republican.Freedom and independence today begins with freedom and independence from the Democratic and Republican parties, from the dictatorship of the two-party state, from the duopoly system of government.The original tea party was part of a radical movement for freedom and independence. To vote Democrat or Republican is to vote in favor of tyranny and co-dependency.


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