Why any human being would sit at home on a Sunday night and watch a bunch of zillionaire Hollywood actors and actresses pat themselves and one another on the back is beyond me. But there they were last night, parading before the cameras on ‘Oscar’ night at the annual Academy Awards.

I mean, I do get it for the actors and actresses themselves, and for their families and friends, of course.

Almost every industry takes time out during the year to recognize and honor those in each profession or business who excelled during the previous year. Dinners are shared, toasts are made, speeches are given, trophies and plaques are handed out.

But while the nation’s leading architects, novelists, construction workers, police officers, firefighters, bankers, small business persons, mass transit employees, entrepreneurs, secretaries, priests, and many others receive their honors in near-anonymity surrounded by family, friends, and colleagues their exploits are almost never celebrated in front of a television audience.

Why would any office worker, home maker, student, or businessperson care who took home what trophy for some movie that the vast majority of them have never seen and likely will never see? Why should I care what kind of dress Sandra Bullock or Meryl Streep wears as they walk down some red carpet and into a theatre to receive their awards?

Frankly, I don’t. Which is why I never watch a minute of the Academy Awards, the Emmy’s, the MTV Music Awards, the Grammy’s, the Espy’s or any other awards show.

The fact of the matter is that James Cameron, Kathryn Bigelow, George Clooney, Jay-Z, Koby Bryant, Fergie, Ray Romano, Jay Leno and every other celebrity could care less about me beyond whether or not I spend my hard-earned money on one of their products or artistic endeavors. They wouldn’t watch a police awards show if their lives depended on it.

This all falls in line with my similar thoughts on television shows such as ‘TMZ’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight’ and ‘Extra’ as well.

Why should any normal, regular, hard-working, family-raising American give a damn about what is happening between Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Aniston? Why do you care how many African babies Madonna is adopting this year?

Why should you be giving up your valuable time to watch a bunch of paparazzi stand around and bust on some borderline star who took their baby for a walk in the park today while wearing giant sunglasses and an unflattering sweat suit?

You shouldn’t, and that is the point.

Now I can just hear the celebrity addicts who do watch these shows whining now. “Who are you to tell someone else what they should like or enjoy, Veasey?” Legitimate question for sure. And of course the answer is, I am no one. So why are you reading this in the first place? Why do you care what I think about anything?

My advice is simple. Stop watching these trashy junk television shows. Stop caring about Halle Berry and Sarah Jessica Parker and Tiger Woods personal lives.

You want to spend your money to enjoy their music, their movies, their sporting contests? That’s a whole other story, and a valid method of entertainment and enjoyment. But caring about what dress they wear or who they are sleeping with this week? I don’t and never will get it. Why all the fuss?