What lies behind the creation of the European Union, once believed to be simply a device to expand economic relationships and opportunities, but now quite obviously a major attack on individual nationhood? Could this same fate of sacrificing national sovereignty for some ideology occur here in the United States of America?

In 1957 six countries – West Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands – signed what became known as the ‘Treaties of Rome’ establishing a ‘European Economic Community’ which was an effort to both foster economic opportunity and to begin stepping away from the nationalism that many saw as the root cause of the two world wars that had devastated the continent during the first half of the 20th century.

In 1973 this union of nations was enlarged when Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark joined what had become known as the ‘European Community’ with institutions covering the economy, energy, and major industry. By the end of the 70’s the first direct democratic elections to a ‘European Parliament’ were being held.

During the 1980’s, Greece, Spain and Portugal all joined and a policy of open borders was developed that eliminated the need for passports across all of Europe. In 1986 a European flag was adopted and the ‘Single European Act’ was signed by member nations. This act expanded on the earlier ‘Treaties of Rome’ and set the goal of having a common market by the end of 1992.

On November 1st, 1993 the ‘Maastricht Treaty’ came into force. Signed by member nations in February of ’92, the treaty formally established the EU and set into motion the creation of the ‘Euro’ as an official currency. Sweden, Finland and Austria joined up during the 90’s, and in 2002 the euro replaced the old national currency in all of the member states.

During the last decade the membership role of nations exploded into eastern Europe to include places like Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic, bringing to 27 the current total number of member states, though only 16 are included in what is known as the ‘Eurozone’ by accepting the euro as their official currency.

On December 1st, 2009 the ‘Treaty of Lisbon’ came into force after it was signed back in December of ’07. This treaty basically centralized power and formalized the state symbols in the EU, weakening democracy by moving true power away from the voters in each nation and handing it over to the EU power structure, and moving one step closer to erasing individual nationalism.

It also established the first-ever official head of state, a long term ‘President of the European Council’ who is appointed to a 2 1/2 year term by the Council and who may be reappointed one time. Herman Van Rompuy of Belgium was selected as the first President, and is serving now until at least May of 2012.

It further and perhaps most frighteningly established an agency known as ‘EuroPol’, the European Police Force having full diplomatic immunity in enforcing criminal counts that include, as pointed out by former Soviet political prisoner Vladimir Bukovsky, nebulous charges such as ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’.

As Bukovsky pointed out in a recent piece for the Cato Institute: “the authorities have already explained to us, in a very quiet manner, that those who might object to the immigration policy of the EU can be accused of racism. And those who oppose further integration of Europe can be charged with xenophobia.”

The structure of the European Parliament was described as a “mad house” that makes the old Supreme Soviet of the USSR look “like a model legislature” due to it’s 1,200-1,400 members who do not have a central meeting place and whose members normally only have an opportunity to speak in front of the group for meer minutes each year.

Why is it important to point out the old Soviet Union, which led the way to disillusionment, imprisonment, and death to millions of people during the 20th century? Because the EU is heading down the exact same socialist path, a path that has also reared it’s ugly head in America with the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency here.

Back in the 1980’s, with Gorbachev sensing power slipping from the increasingly damaged Soviet Union but still believing in the ideology of socialism, he met with the leaders of Europe’s leftist parties who shared this vision and together they launched ‘Common European Home’, a project to organize socialism across all of Europe. They threw all of their considerable support behind the formation of the EU for this very purpose.

In today’s Europe, behind the names and lines on your map and the pride of the people in the individual nations, a monster is swallowing up the old world. This behemoth is known as the European Union, a socialist body of cronyism and central government planning. Before the end of this century, if nothing major changes, it will lead to the same disaster that became of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Soviet Union, in the 20th century.

The great challenge here in the United States is the same as it was during the USSR-led rush to embrace communism and socialism in the last century. That challenge is to not be a follower and join in the rush to give up our national greatness and identity, as well as our individual freedoms. It is the challenge to instead be a leader in the fight for freedom and democracy.

The American people still have the power that the European people have slowly allowed their politicians and power brokers to negotiate away from them. We have the power to stand up and be counted, to kick the socialists and central planners out on their cans, and to hold true to the values and vision of our Constitution.

Will the United States follow the European Union, which itself is following the old Soviet Union, down the path toward socialism by beginning to form some ‘North American Union’ with Mexico, Canada, and other nations of the Americas, yielding our power and our pride to some nebulous central authority? Or will we stand strong for true democracy and the individual freedoms and liberties given to us as true gifts from God himself? Only the passage of 21st century time will tell.