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Traditional marriage is about to undergo increased attack led by President Obama


The overt radicalism of President Barack Obama was on full display once again this past weekend as he gave a speech to a group known as the ‘Human Rights Campaign‘, the largest gay rights group in the nation.

In this speech, Obama laid out his thought process and his intended direction for a war on the sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

In his speech, Obama fired his administration’s opening shots in what promises to be a harrowing war on the God-given institution of Marriage that the Bible clearly states is between man and woman, husband and wife.

The President presumptuously stated that there were still “hearts to open” on gay issues, and told the organization that he was “here with you in that fight.”

Once again, Obama is fundamentally wrong on the key underlying point here. The fact is that there are no closed “hearts” that need to be opened. There are quite simply a huge number of Americans who disagree with him on many of the issues surrounding “rights” for gay people, particularly regarding Marriage.

It is not we who are lacking in ‘heart’, but Obama and those like him who are lacking in moral understanding, vision, and courage.

Obama laid out his thinking as he prepares his ultra-liberal army for an eventual all-out assault on the Marriage sacrament when he urged Congress to repeal the ‘Defense of Marriage Act’ and stated that gay couples should have the same rights as “any married couple in this country.”

What Obama and all liberals ignore is that Marriage is not some state-sponsored civil union between two people, but a sacred bond between a man and a woman.

In the Bible, Matthew’s gospel states that “..he who made them from the beginning made them male and female. For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.”

Support for homosexual marriage ignores the fundamental reality that the practice is intrinsically disordered. It is an abuse of our human nature. For one man to lay down with another man and insert his penis into the other males anus is unnatural any way you describe it.

Until 1973, the American Psychiatric Association listed homosexuality as a diagnostic disorder. It was removed then only due to the political pressures of the day, not due to any change in medical evidence.

This does not mean that we should discriminate against homosexuals or treat them as anything less than the image of God in which they have been created as human beings. They have fundamental human and spiritual rights that should be defended. But a defense based on their humanity does not extend to all areas of their nature and conduct.

To further clarify for the ultra-liberal and uber-sensitive: being gay is not being un-American, but supporting gay marriage is going against traditional American norms and values; being gay is not un-Godly, but yielding your life to a ‘gay’ lifestyle is going against the will of God for humanity; being gay is not inhuman, but practicing gay sex is immoral and irresponsible on a human level.

President Barack Obama has taken up the banner of the homosexual marriage cause fully. He has clearly stated that he will make every effort to force America into an immoral situation where the nation allows anyone to marry anyone else regardless of sexuality.

It is hard to see how any thinking Christian can support a politician who continuously and vigorously supports attacks on Marriage and the murder of babies.

Open ideological war is breaking out in American society. This is not an overstatement or exaggeration based on strong religious beliefs, but simply the reality of the current state of affairs in our nation.

Which side will ultimately win out? Obama’s ‘anything goes’ side, or traditional Judeo-Christian American values? And which side are you on?