I know things have been getting really bad for the ultra-liberal Obama crowd lately, what with real Americans turning out in force and voicing their opinions loudly denouncing the President’s policies at so-called ‘town hall’ meetings, particularly in regards to health care.

The policies instituted by the far-left, elitist Obama administration over the past six months have been staggeringly irrational and irresponsible, heaping tremendous debt on to the shoulders of our children and grandchildren, many of whom actually went out and voted for Obama with delusions of some non-specific “Hope” for some specious “Change”.

Is this what they voted for, really? They actually want to be burdened for the rest of their lives by the tax bills, higher prices, and fewer jobs that are coming from these Obama policies?

Polls are beginning to show the truth. A new poll from Time magazine showed that 62% of Americans believe that health-care reform will raise costs in the long term, 65% believe reforms will make things more complicated for regular folks, and 56% believe it will result in less freedom in choosing doctors or health plans.

At the same time, research by Pollster.com, which compiles the numbers of various high-profile polls to get a more significant number, shows that overall support for President Obama, his “approval rating”, is plummeting, down now to 52% from a high of 64% just six months ago.

These are significant developments, and the Obama administration and the Democratic Party-controlled congress are feeling the heat.

In almost every mid-term election, the party in power loses seats, and in next year’s 2010 congressional elections the Democrats are poised to continue this tradition. If the negativity surrounding the health-care reform issue, and the issues involving bailouts/stimulus plans continues with no significant turnaround in the overall economy, the Dems will pay a heft price in the voting booths next November.

Today on my way to work, I was doing what many Philadelphians do on our driving commutes. I was listening to KYW News Radio 1060am, Philly’s only all-news station. One of the stories that came on sometime around 7:20am was regarding an alleged growing “problem” involving militias.

Now don’t get me wrong, some militia groups across the country are extremist in nature, that much is for sure. But the tone and tenor of this broadcast piece involved how militia groups are not only growing, and that some may be militant, but the groups are also opposing President Obama’s proposals on universal health care and other of his policies.

The piece went on to also state that much of this opposition is taking on a ‘racial tone’, though they failed to elaborate on what that meant.

This is where things are heading. The Left has a big time loser on it’s hand in the health-care reform issue. Obama’s effort to send his congressional minions out amongst the people and sell us on it’s merits has failed miserably. So now it’s come down to the usual tactics of fear and negativity association. Time to break out the bogeyman.

Universal health care, what is becoming known as “Obamacare” in this case, is opposed by those crazy, gun-totin’, anti-government, conspiratorial militias. They are all against the President because he is black and they are all racist whites.

These people are against President Obama and the rest of us forward-thinkers. Are you on our side? On the President’s side? On the side of ‘progress’ over ‘failed policies of Bush’ and the past?

If your plan is going down in flames, all you need to do is mention ‘Bush’ or equate it with some other perceived bogeyman such as evil ‘militia groups’, and you can turn things around?

The liberal Left and their political puppets that make up the vast majority of today’s Democratic Party need to wake up and realize that their President has gone too far with his socialist-inspired policies and programs. They need to stop blindly supporting him just because he has a ‘D’ before his name politically.

There are many good, strong Democratic politicians whose overall policies I may not agree with very often, but who would not be turning America into a shadow of its former greatness. Democrats need to recognize the direction that their “Change” vote is taking the country, and recognize the scare tactics their pols and political supporters in the media are trying to foist on them.

America is very much in danger, but that danger is not from militias, multinational corporations, Republicans, or angry Nazi mobs at town hall meetings.

We are in danger of sinking under the weight of the tremendous debt load, individual taxation increases, government controls on private industry, and increased burdens on businesses that the Obama administration has wrought.

Take a good, long, hard look in the mirror, Democrats. The real bogeyman is right there looking back at you, and only you can stop him.