On the night of December 16th, 1773, American colonists who had grown weary of British taxes on all sorts of goods boarded three ships in Boston harbor and dumped crate loads of taxed tea into the harbor waters. This protest against ‘taxation without representation’ became known down through history as ‘The Boston Tea Party’, and is considered a defining moment as the colonists moved towards declaring their Independence just two and a half years later.

Today is April 15th, and it is also the deadline for American citizens to file their income tax returns. All across the country, a new revolutionary movement has been building for months, and it will continue in over 500 locations across all 50 states with today’s nationwide ‘Tea Party’ protest events.

What has ignited this grass-roots, web-based fire storm is the unprecedented turn towards a more massive government structure with greatly increased tax burdens for all American individuals and businesses. It is a bipartisan effort battling the situation that began with President Bush’s $168 billion dollar ‘stimulus’ that has been taken to even worse levels by new President Barack Obama.

As was posted by The Heritage Foundation, “Americans have grown more and more wary of the ever expanding size and scope of the federal government.” 

Obama’s supporters continue to send up the smoke screen message that his plans will cut taxes for those making under $150,000 per year in income. What they fail to tell people is how the vast majority of those making just over that figure are small business owners: bar owners, dry cleaners, restaurateurs, gift shops, diners, hair cutteries, and many more.

They will all see their taxes rise, which means that their customers will see their prices rise, or these businesses will reduce services and/or employee jobs, or all of these eventualities. Some will even have to close their doors for good, further worsening the jobs situation.

What lies behind the Obama tax cuts for the lesser income individuals, which include myself and my family as well, are not any desires to help us out. What lies behind them is an effort to expand government control of a greater and greater portion of our everyday lives. They hope to do this by forcing us out of self-support, out of dependency on jobs in the private sector, and into a process where we look to the federal government for our support.

Force some companies out of business with tough tax policy, then make those remaining take federal ‘bailout’ money to remain in business, with the condition of yielding power to the government to regulate those businesses as they see fit. The government, not private industry, becomes the vehicle that drives the nation.

This is, despite what Obama and Democratic political administration officials whine, pure and simple Socialism. President Ronald Reagan himself said it best when he stated that the nine most frightening words in the English language are: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” 

Making individuals reliant on the government kills wide-spread and large-scale innovation. History has proven this time and again.

Capitalism is the vehicle which drove the world to it’s greatest technological, medical, and societal heights over the past two centuries. Freedom was the fuel for that capitalist vehicle.

History has also proven that the way to overcome financial problems is to lower taxes, loosen regulation, and allow the market to readjust itself. When you try to control the markets, you only accomplish one thing – control. It is that political control and power that Obama seeks.

Millions subordinate to the government, reliant on it for their very subsistence, and indebted to politically support it in order to sustain those new ‘benefits’. All the while, the cost to all of us will be reduced quality in services, and reduced overall benefits to society due to a decrease of innovation.

With all of the spending that the Obama administration has embarked upon with their reckless ‘stimulus’ and ‘bailout’ packages, not to mention the numerous and incredibly substantial programs that they intend to implement, it is only a matter of time before they will be forced to raise taxes on that middle class whom they now say will get a break.

At some point, these bills will have to be paid, and at that point, as the website hotair.com says, we in the middle class “will get hammered.” Today’s wide-ranging ‘Tea Party’ events will attempt to begin to spread that message more widely.

The mass media has largely ignored this grass-roots movement to date, solely because it flies in the face of the Socialism that the newspaper industry needs in order to remain viable and alive financially.

Newspapers all across the country are dying because their ultra-liberal editorial sections and news coverage have driven the masses to other sources. The same goes for television news rooms, most of whom have seen their ratings drop precipitously in recent decades for the very same reason. These industries blame the internet and cable television for their demise, failing to acknowledge that it is conservative and moderate websites and cable news programs that have flourished.

The fact is that the ‘silent majority’ in America remains traditionalist, if not conservative, and it is these individuals who are growing the Tea Party concept and other movements. President Barack Obama has significantly overplayed his hand, and we can only hope that ‘We the People’ can stand up and attempt to minimize the damage until we can get him out of office for good.

In the aftermath of the original Boston Tea Party, Samuel Adams wrote that the acts were not those of a lawless mob, but was instead a principled protest and the only remaining option the people had to defend their constitutional rights. The same momentum is building today, and the Tea Party is just one step in this new American revolution.