The debate rages around the country as to the balance between liberty and security. After the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11th, 2001, it became clear that two oceans and allegedly friendly northern and southern borders would no longer be enough to insulate and protect Americans in our homeland.

Numerous security measures and programs were instituted by the Bush administration in an effort to thwart any further attacks and to root out terrorists living and operating here on our home soil.

Programs and policies including taking the fight to the terrorists in the Middle East, the enactment of the PATRIOT Act, loosened surveillance requirements, and the housing and interrogation of terrorists in the detainee camp at Guantanamo Bay successfully protected our nation in the seven years following those deadly attacks.

At this website the ‘Islamism Series’, each entry of which you can read by clicking the tag at the bottom of this posting, has been an effort to better educate and inform readers on the very real threat that radical Islam continues to pose to America.

That effort grows more important now that the new Obama administration has taken office with a mandate from its followers to decrease if not dismantle those counter-terrorism efforts that have proven so successful.

The debate in America has taken on a libertarian tone asking what is more important, our liberty in the expectation of privacy that we all have in our persons, homes and properties as afforded us by the Constitution, or our need to keep the country safe from attack by entities that would use that Constitution and its protections against us to conceal and carry out their planning and actions.

It has also taken on a humanitarian tone asking whether the detaining and agressive interrogation of enemy combatants at Gitmo represents the best way to express American moral superiority in our role as the leader of the free world.

Finally it has taken on a political tone as Democrats denounce these policies and practices in an effort to redirect the funding towards more liberally social programs, while Republicans fight to maintain that basic national security must come first.

These are the kinds of arguments, debates and discussions that a democratic nation such as America makes as it moves forward. There are no such arguments among our Islamofascist enemies who continue to build organizations and operations here on our soil.

These organizations are likely to grow ever larger and bolder should the intelligence community be severely restricted at the levels that most of Obama’s ultra-liberal supporters would like to see.

Islamic organizations such as the ‘Soldiers of Allah’ are operating training camps right now, here in the United States, at locations all across the country from Virginia to Washington state.

The ‘Christian Action Network’ is a self-described grass-roots organization founded and designed to ‘protect America’s religious and moral heritage through intensive lobbying efforts’ and by taking action towards that goal. The CAN has produced a new documentary titled “Homegrown Jihad: the Terrorist Camps Around the U.S.” (which can be ordered by clicking on to the title of this blog posting.)

‘Homegrown Jihad’ was based on a 2006 Justice Department document that was never meant for release to the general public but which inevitably leaked out. The document exposed 35 suspected terrorist compounds across the United States and was meant for law enforcement use only.

All copies of an accompanying video titled “Soldiers of Allah”, a terrorist training video, were believed confiscated but one copy came to CAN and became the basis for their investigation into the 35 locations, which ultimately has become this new documentary effort.

The documentary alleges homegrown American terrorist efforts by an Islamofascist organization known as Jamaat ul-Fuqra operating at camps in and around places like Seattle, Washington and Hancock, New York.

It was the leader of this group, Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, who American journalist Daniel Pearl was enroute to interview when he was kidnapped and beheaded back in 2002. It was a member of this very group, Iyman Faris, who was plotting that same year to collapse the Brooklyn Bridge before our intel efforts thwarted his plans.

In our country the group, which is known here as ‘Muslims of America’, is believed to have more than 3,000 members operating all across the nation, and the Department of Homeland Security has predicted that they will continue attempts to strike inside the United States.

These ‘Muslims of America’ and ‘Soldiers of Allah’ are merely representative of any number of efforts that the Islamofascists continue to engage in within our very borders. They don’t need to sneak across our borders, they are already here. If you have the opportunity, order or somehow find a way to watch the CAN video.

In any event you need to keep yourself educated as to what is happening here in America, and support those who give equal consideration to our liberty and our security.

This ‘Islamism Series’ will continue as a small part of that effort to educate readers on the terms and practices of the Islamofascists, and will continue to acknowledge the efforts of others to do the same.

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