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There is so much going on right now that one entry here needs to be devoted to a number of topics.

So, I’m driving home after dropping my daughter off at her boyfriend’s home this past Friday evening and one of her neighbors has their house decorated for Christmas.

I mean, that would make it November 21st, just one day after my birthday. A week before Thanksgiving Day. It’s just too soon.

When I was a kid, nothing ‘Christmas’ happened until after we had gobbled down the turkey and stuffing in late November. The day after, in fact. That became known as ‘Black Friday’, almost a national holiday itself, when all the Christmas shopping would begin. Now a great holiday unto itself is being shoved aside more and more.

Moving on to the Eagles…do I really have to? After my hopeful entry just 48 hours ago, the ‘Playoff Express’ ran completely off the rails in yesterday’s second half in Baltimore.

A promising beginning rapidly deteriorated for Donovan McNabb, and he was yanked at halftime of a 10-7 game that was a must-win for this franchise to have any hopes of a 2008 playoff appearance. Frankly, he was awful. McNabb has been awful early in games before and rallied himself and the team.

This was a close game against a top defense on the road. And this is where Andy Reid chose to make the switch to Kevin Kolb? Kolb was at least as bad as McNabb. The game spiraled out of control, the Birds lost 36-7 while all their playoff competitors won, and the 2008 season officially ended. It may be time to let the Kolb Era fully begin, with more roster changes to come quickly.

The Eagles could not have picked a worse time for this to happen. Now they come home for their first Turkey Day game in years, a game that was looked on with excitement until these past two Sundays. Now it likely will prove to be a source of indigestion after a fine family turkey dinner.

Maybe the news holds better stories for us? Nah.

Here in Philly, we bury a cop today. Another cop killed this year in the line of duty. This makes four: Steve Liczbinski and Pat McDonald gunned down, Izzy Nazario and now Tim Simpson run down.

It’s too much for one department to bear, Lord. We need a break. Like a few years worth of a break.

Today cops from all across the city and region will gather. Another ceremony honoring a hero. Another Mass at the Cathedral downtown. Another motorcade to Resurrection Cemetery in Bensalem. Another burial of a hero in front of a grieving widow and children.

More fundraisers and benefits to support and attend. We do it all because we understand, and because we are family. But we would just as soon not have to do it at all. Please Lord, one gift for 2009: no Philly Cop funerals.

Perhaps the national headlines are better? Come on now, really?

It’s more ‘Saint Barack’ 24/7. Something good happens, the front pages read: “Obama Announces Financial Plan; Dow soars 400 points”, or “Obama Reaches Out to GOP”.

Something bad happens, it’s: “Sarah Palin Causes Global Warming”, or “Cheney Suspected in California Forest Fires”. These guys in the media are a laugh riot a minute.

The only thing that won’t be funny is if Al Franken somehow comes out on top in his Minnesota recount. Now that, like Franken’s comedic stylings, would not be one bit funny.

A lot of bad news in this ‘Monday Morning Quarterback’ posting, I know. So I’ll end it on a bit of an up-tick: Jack is back.

For those of us who are fans of “24” you know just what I mean. Jack Bauer returned to the air last night with a bang, rescuing a bunch of kids in Africa, but ultimately being taken into custody himself and transported back to America to testify before Congress as the first female President of the United States was being sworn into office.

Hillary had to be watching with a lump in her throat. But Jack was back with the two-hour movie “24: Redemption” and he will be back protecting the nation full-time come January. So we got that going for us, which is nice.

Here’s to hoping that 2009 is a better year all-around, not just for ’24’ fans, but for Philly Cops, Eagles fans, Republicans, and anyone else who pays any attention to this blog. God bless the family of Tim Simpson, may they somehow find peace and healing this holiday season.