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Should McCain (L) lose, Romney (R) needs to begin stepping up on the national stage for the GOP


Well, it’s finally here: Election Eve. Just one more night of these incessant commercials that end or begin with: “I’m _______ (insert politician name), and I approve this message.

The majority of the opinion polls are calling for a Democratic Party victory across the board for the Presidency, in Congress, and in the U.S. Senate. 

The major network news stations and the majority of the print media have been gleefully reporting these results to the public. 

There is no doubt that the prosecution of the Iraq War and the recent plummet in the stock market have hurt the Republicans most. Congress deserves as much blame as President Bush, if not more, but that just doesn’t matter. 

President George W. Bush has been a target since first being elected back in 2000 in the closest American Presidential vote ever, an election that Dems believe to this day was stolen from them by the Supreme Court. 

They believe that the entire Bush presidency has been illegitimate, that he would never have beaten Kerry in 2004 if he had not first been handed a 2000 victory over Al Gore, who the Democrats believe should be completing his own second term in the White House right now.

To even imagine the horror of what the last eight years would have been like under a Gore administration is too frightening a concept on which to waste our time.

Suffice it to say that a President Gore probably would have ceded the Middle East to the Islamofascists by now, and the Supreme Court would be liberal for the next two generations. 

Thank God that ‘W’ was elected, if only because he kept us safe after 9/11, responded with strength to that Middle East crisis, and appointed two tremendous, originalist SCOTUS justices in John Roberts and Samuel Alito. 

If John McCain does indeed succumb to Barack Obama tomorrow night, the Republican Party needs to seriously get back to the drawing board from the grass roots on up. 

People like Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin among others need to step up solidly on the national stage, and strategists need to begin to fight back with a plan to take back Congress. 

Should McCain-Palin eek out a victory, expect the left to cry foul, and cry it loud and long. After all, partisan pollsters and pundits have been telling them for a month that they have an easy win on their hands. 

My bet is that if it is a win for the Dems, it won’t be easy or big. This should be a close election. My call is that neither candidate gets more than 51 or 52 percent of the vote, which means that a significant portion of the nation’s citizens will not have supported the next person who would be the President. 

In any event, it’s almost over now. One more night. Soon, the commercials will end, the signs will come down, the rhetoric will ease for a time, and we can look forward to Christmas. But beyond that, we can either be looking at a nightmare or an opportunity. 

As Hillary Clinton sits home wondering what exactly happened to her dream, anything remains possible here on Election Eve.