A couple of weeks back, I was approached by the developer of a new editorial comic series in regards to possibly incorporating their artistic, comedic, and social commentary efforts here at my website.

Zack Rawsthorne is the creator of ‘Diversity Lane: A Liberal Family Saga‘ presented as editorial cartoons and with further graphics and audio.

As Rawsthorne explains, ‘Diversity Lane’ “chronicles the chaotic lives of an American family fully engulfed in modern liberalism. As such, they are self-destructive, tormented, and a menace to society – a kind of modern-day Addams Family in a never-ending battle with common sense.”

It stars little Diversity, the 8-year old daughter of Allison and Alex Lane, who somehow has thus far managed to remain ‘normal’ despite the liberal chaos all around her. Poor little Diversity has even been called racist for preferring white bread.

Her little 6-year old brother Jayson has never been exposed to the good in America, but is instead also bombarded by mom and dad’s far-left mantras.

These two defenseless children are being indoctrinated by their mommy and daddy, or at least mom and dad are trying their best to get the kids batting lefty.

Dad is Alex Lane, an ACLU lawyer who still thinks that Che Guevara is someone to be admired even now, a quarter century after graduating from college. The mom is Allison, a 4th-grade teacher who is described as ‘a walking lexicon of PC terminology’.

Allison is also a lesbian, and has both current and ex-girlfriends in the series. Mom’s ex-girlfriend, Sierra, is a Woodstock throwback, global warming alarmist, and a Wiccan. Her current girlfriend, Devon, is the quintessential angry intellectual lesbian, and is constantly either in or out of therapy.

Not only does Alex put up with all of this, he encourages it, and poor little Diversity isn’t even sure of which of her “mommy’s” is the real birth mother of her brother Jayson. What a mess, huh? Not when you are dealing with ultra-liberals, because this is their life.

Rawsthorne presents it with intelligent, biting humor and sarcasm, often through the eyes of one bright, young, and still somewhat innocent little girl who unfortunately has a particularly heavy sociological crutch to bear with her family unit.

I am happy to add the editorial comic series ‘Diversity Lane’ as a regular feature of the website, which will appear just below these main blog story entries and will be updated approximately once per week on the weekends. You can always reach the ‘Diversity Lane’ website by clicking directly on the comic as well.