Let’s get the Islamofascist rants out of the way with right off the bat.

Yes, America is a society where murder has become epidemic in some communities, and domestic homicides are nothing at all peculiar to only the Muslim community.

That much is obvious simply by watching a few weeks of the ‘Nancy Grace’ program on CNN’s Headline News network, were the latest murder of an attractive woman by a husband or boyfriend is the topic of discussion at least 50% of the time.

People kill people for many reasons, and some kill people that they do now, or at least used to love. What the topic of this post discusses is the particular problem of Islamic ‘honor killing’, which is indeed peculiar to that community.

The newsworthiness to the American public is that the phenomenon is new here, is growing, and is taking the lives of American citizens.

Tomorrow night, Saturday July 25th, at 8pm, Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly will host a special titled “Murder in the Family: Honor Killing in America” in which she will discuss the problem.

It is a horrific story of fathers killing daughters, brothers killing sisters, husbands killing wives, all in order to restore their families’ ‘honor’. Kelly is an outstanding reporter and host, and this program should prove as eye-opening as it’s title implies.

Last night (Weds July 24th) on The O’Reilly Factor, Kelly previewed the special by discussing with host Bill O’Reilly the particular case of a father killing his two teenage daughters in Texas, simply because the man felt that the two girls were becoming too ‘westernized’.

Amina and Sara Said were shot by their father (an audio exists of the 911 phone call made by the girls during the shooting) last year, and their Egyptian Muslim father is now a fugitive from Texas justice.

The man had come to the States and married a Texas woman, so the two girls were American citizens. The 17-year old Sara had recently begun seeing an American boy, and had told friends that if her father found out he would “kill her.” Little did the friends know just how serious she was.

In Chicago, Subhash Chander killed his pregnant daughter, son-in-law, and 3-year old grandson because he disapproved of his daughter marrying a man from a lower caste, as was discussed by Michelle Malkin in her oustanding blog.

In Georgia, Chauhdry Rashid strangled his 25-year old daughter to death after she threatened to divorce her husband.

Radical Islamists believe that Islamic law, or Shariah, should be the primary source of law and cultural identity within a state, and they believe that every state should be governed by this law and follow the teachings of the Koran and the Sunnah. If they gain control of the world, including America, which is their stated goal, then every woman will lose her civil rights.

The Islamists claim that these types of killings are perfectly within their rights as established by their society and culture. Unfortunately for these particular men highlighted, they committed their crimes here in America. Here in America we simply call it ‘murder’, and that it is of family members is considered particularly heinous.

These men should face the full force of the American judicial system, and be incarcerated for life when found guilty. They should certainly not be deported to some country that may sympathetically release them based on that society’s culture.

No matter how you slice it, no religion or culture that specifically authorizes murder of family members can be considered as legitimate. Period.

Listen to the phone call from the Said girls to 911 on the night that their father murdered them. Listen, and then be sure to watch or record the Fox News special at 8pm on Saturday night and begin to get more educated on this particular type of domestic homicide, coming soon to your town.

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