On his local talk radio show this evening, Dom Giordano (1210AM, 6pm show) reported the results of a New York Times poll that stated that 33% of all men would not consider voting for a woman for President, from either party.

Not Hillary Clinton. Not Condaleeza Rice. Certainly not Geena Davis.

No one who wears a bra, who has or once had a monthly period cycle, who was capable of bearing children. No one with long hair, who wears perfume, who may wear a skirt, etc.

No woman. None. Nay, say never. No how, no way.

Hmmm. I know we still have the element who thinks women are better off barefoot and pregnant, who see women more as the ‘chef’ than the ‘chief’, but it’s still hard to believe that we remain such neanderthals.

What would such men do if presented with the dilemma as put forth in a new book by Dick Morris that pits Condi vs. Hillary in a theoretical 2008 Presidential matchup? My guess is that we would be back to a good old-fashioned ideological battle, and the sexism would be tossed right out the window.

But my concern as a conservative would be our strong base in the South. Could the good ol‘ boys really vote for a black woman for President of the United States? My guess would be that in the end, the answer would be “yes”.

I would just love to see them placed in that predicament, where they actually had to confront that part of themselves, and finally get over it. You go girls!