Finally Eagles, finally!

"Fly Eagles, Fly!" is the official fight song for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. After winning the first Super Bowl championship in franchise history last night, we can at least temporarily change those first three words of the song to "Finally Eagles, Finally!" The Eagles and New England Patriots threw haymakers at … Continue reading Finally Eagles, finally!

Two new books on President Trump

  Two books penned by folks with access to the White House in the early days of the Trump administration have begun to fly off book shelves and online stores. Each paints a picture of, at least in the early transitional weeks and months, a top-level staff surrounding the President that, while intelligent and talented, … Continue reading Two new books on President Trump

The top 20 quarterbacks in pro football history

Every fan has their opinions and everyone has their favorites. The following list represents the opinion of this sports fan who has followed pro football for 30 years as to the greatest quarterbacks to ever have played the game of football at the highest level.The only restrictive criteria for me was that he had to … Continue reading The top 20 quarterbacks in pro football history