Arizona correct, Philly wrong in illegal immigration battle

The ultra liberal, Democratic Party controlled┬áCity of Philadelphia is solidly in the corner of illegal immigrants as one of America's leading sanctuary citiesDeemed as such because they basically offer themselves as a sanctuary or place of refuge to illegals, it is Philly's stated policy that they will in no way assist in any types of … Continue reading Arizona correct, Philly wrong in illegal immigration battle

Concern over new Philly newspaper owners

At an auction conducted on Wednesday, the struggling and increasingly irrelevant Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News as well as their Internet arm "" were all purchased by a group of creditors.The new owners have quickly come under fire from the top politicians at both the Commonwealth and the City levels.Governor Ed Rendell, the former … Continue reading Concern over new Philly newspaper owners

Pensions not the problem

Last night the local Fox News affiliate here in Philadelphia chose to devote a large portion of their 10:00pm news program spotlighting what they call "The Pension Problem" in Philadelphia, New Jersey and other places. In calling pensions the problem, Fox misled the public and missed an opportunity to highlight the truth for tax-payers.Once again, … Continue reading Pensions not the problem

City’s main problem: Liberals

In the Sunday, February 21st, 2010 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer an article was published at the very top of page two titled "City's main problem: poverty" written by Karen Heller.In the article, Heller proceeds to lay every ill that befalls the city of Philadelphia - and that's plenty of ills - at the very … Continue reading City’s main problem: Liberals

Snow all about perspective

For some people here in the Philadelphia area and across the northeastern United States it's panic time for the third time this winter, the 2nd time in five days.For others it's a time of excitement and anticipation. Fact is that snowfalls, even large ones, in these modern days are really all just about perspective.Are you … Continue reading Snow all about perspective