Concern over new Philly newspaper owners

At an auction conducted on Wednesday, the struggling and increasingly irrelevant Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News as well as their Internet arm "" were all purchased by a group of creditors.The new owners have quickly come under fire from the top politicians at both the Commonwealth and the City levels.Governor Ed Rendell, the former … Continue reading Concern over new Philly newspaper owners


City’s main problem: Liberals

In the Sunday, February 21st, 2010 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer an article was published at the very top of page two titled "City's main problem: poverty" written by Karen Heller.In the article, Heller proceeds to lay every ill that befalls the city of Philadelphia - and that's plenty of ills - at the very … Continue reading City’s main problem: Liberals

Smerconish begins to show his true stripes

Smerconish interviewing President Barack Obama   An article for the Philadelphia Inquirer, as politically liberal a rag as exists anywhere in America today, titled "Sorry, but for me, the party is over", written by local quasi-celebrity Michael Smerconish was published in that paper's Sunday, February 21st edition 'Currents' section. In this article, Smerconish reveals what … Continue reading Smerconish begins to show his true stripes

The Philadelphia 76ers are losers

This afternoon the local NBA team, the Philadelphia 76ers, signalled to their fan base what most already knew, that it is a losing organization with no future whatsoever.They did so with the signing of former 76ers star Allen Iverson to a contract.This signing has to rank as one of the single most cynical moves ever … Continue reading The Philadelphia 76ers are losers

Nearly everybody reads the Bulletin

In the city of Philadelphia, the Bulletin is back, and just in time to save local newspaper readers from the quagmire of liberal junk for which we had no alternative for years. Actually, the Bulletin has been back since 2004. I had heard something about it, but didn't know the story and didn't pay much … Continue reading Nearly everybody reads the Bulletin