Mendte’s muse gone wrong

First, for those who may be from out-of-town and don't know the players, Larry Mendte is a former local TV news anchor, a typical middle-aged white male. Alycia Lane is a younger, very attractive former co-anchor of Mendte's. Dawn Stensland is an attractive, popular local news anchor and married to Mendte, mother to his two … Continue reading Mendte’s muse gone wrong

Dhue do that voodoo so well

          Some of the best, most informative television is put on each night on the Fox News network. Shepard Smith does an outstanding job presenting the news, and then the real fireworks begin.  Bill O'Reilly comes first with his "The O'Reilly Factor". He is followed by the ultra-conservative, ultra-liberal duo of … Continue reading Dhue do that voodoo so well