Make the animals serve their full prison sentences

As pretty much everyone already knows, four police officers were shot and killed early on Sunday morning in Lakewood, Washington.Tina Griswold, Ronald Owens, Mark Renninger, and Greg Richards were not responding to a robbery call, not patrolling a dangerous part of town, not involved in a fight with a crazed criminal. They were just sitting … Continue reading Make the animals serve their full prison sentences

John McCain for President

  It has now been over a month since Mitt Romney ended his quest for the Republican Presidential nomination, and in the ensuing month leading candidate John McCain has dominated the only remaining contender, Mike Huckabee. The nomination is McCain’s. He has earned it fair and square, by coming out as the last man standing … Continue reading John McCain for President

Can Mike Huckabee go the distance?

Over the past month or so the nation's pundits, broadcasters, and editorialists have been broad-sided by the sudden rise in popularity among grass-roots Republican voters of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee. Question really should be, why is this such a surprise to them? For months, Republican voters have been telling anyone who will listen to … Continue reading Can Mike Huckabee go the distance?