Where will you be when the missiles drop?

During his State of the Union address back in January of 2002, President George W. Bush famously called the nations of Iran, Iraq, and North Korea an "Axis of Evil", criticizing nations that sponsored terrorism and were seeking weapons of mass destruction.Liberals everywhere, and especially their cheer leading media, called Bush a war monger and … Continue reading Where will you be when the missiles drop?

An existential threat

Israel has been a people since early Biblical times, since around the 20th generation of mankind following their creation in the Garden of Eden.God promised the ancient land of Canaan to the Jewish patriarch Abraham and what would be his innumerable descendants in a covenant that would be in exchange for their worshiping Him as … Continue reading An existential threat

Islamism Series: Goodbye, America

"Imagine a world without the U.S. or Israel, it can happen." That is a publicly pronounced statement by Iranian President and radical iIslamic ideologue Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (pictured) that I read to the police students in my Radical Islam class every week. But is anyone taking him seriously? How could the United States, the acknowledged "most … Continue reading Islamism Series: Goodbye, America

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy doomsdays of summer

  Well, it’s now August the 23rd, and we are all still alive, thank God. For those of you who may have missed out, and thus not been aware of your impending demise, yesterday was thought by some to be a possible “Doomsday” date. You remember Doomsday, right? End of the world. Armageddon. End times … Continue reading Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy doomsdays of summer