R.I.P. 2009

Philadelphia Police Officer John Pawlowski (25) and six other law enforcement officers from Pennsylvania joined 113 more from around the United States as of December 30th. Rest In Peace, heroes all...Harry Wolf and Brian Bates...Harry Kalas (73), Danny Ozark (85), Peter Zezel (44), Gary Papa (54), Fred Sherman (86)...Michael Jackson (50), Patrick Swayze (57), Farrah … Continue reading R.I.P. 2009

Grassroots support for Philly’s embattled cops

  On Halloween morning in 2007, police officer Chuck Cassidy of the city's 35th district pulled up to a local Dunkin' Donuts to perform a routine security check and perhaps grab a fresh cup of joe to begin his work day. Bright sunshine of the morning that day combined with the lesser light inside the … Continue reading Grassroots support for Philly’s embattled cops

Judicial misconduct at Broad & Champlost

Philadelphia Judge Craig M. Washington is either the single stupidest person in the history of the American judicial system or he is the most callous, ignorant and disrespectful.There is no middle ground for the actions that Washington took yesterday at the 35th police district here in the former 'City of Brotherly Love' which can no … Continue reading Judicial misconduct at Broad & Champlost