Sunday Sermon: Are Catholic Schools ‘Better’ Than Public?

  "See to it that no one captivate you with an empty, seductive philosophy according to human tradition, according to the elemental powers of the world and not according to Christ" ~ St. Paul's Letter to the Colossians (New Testament, Colossians 2:8) It's a question that does not have a simple answer: are Catholic schools … Continue reading Sunday Sermon: Are Catholic Schools ‘Better’ Than Public?


Book Review: Killing Jesus

A few months ago, I finished reading Bill O'Reilly's outstanding work "Killing Lincoln" about the assassination of the 16th President of the United States and the events surrounding and leading up to that event. The book was so well written and informative that it inspired me to purchase for my Kindle his other two similar … Continue reading Book Review: Killing Jesus

Low times for Catholic Highs

  The Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced the other day that two of its long time iconic high schools, North Catholic and Cardinal Dougherty, would be closing at the end of the current school year. Reaction from students and their families at the two schools, each of which had once held the distinction of being the … Continue reading Low times for Catholic Highs