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Islamism Series: Fort Dix and Beyond

Two headlines blared across the tops of the front pages of Philadelphia’s two major newspapers within the past four days.

The Bulletin was first when last Thursday their front page headline read “Islamic Terrorists Forming Cells in US“, and the Inquirer followed suit on Sunday when in reference to the Fort Dix case the headline read “They were going to do it“.

Here are the cold, hard facts for everyone who has not yet caught on to what this ‘Islamism Series’ is all about: organized Islamic forces with the full backing of some Arab nations and with the tacit support of others are at war with the West. They see the United States, Great Britain, and Israel as their main enemies in this war.

The war did not end with the election of Barack Obama, just as it did not begin with the election of George W. Bush. It will not end with the closing of Guantanamo Bay. It will not end with the withdrawal of American troops from the Middle East. It will not end with the death or capture of Osama bin Laden.

The leadership and forces of Islam have made it abundantly clear how this will end: with the end of our civilization, or theirs. Their dream is to reestablish what they call the Islamic Caliphate under Sharia Law, that Islamic rule by Muslim religious, legal, and cultural laws.

To begin this process they want to destroy Israel and take control of the entire Middle East. Then, united under a leader they will call the Caliph, they wish to spread their influence and ultimately their control to the surrounding regions of Europe and Asia, spread down into Africa, and ultimately the world over, including here in America. They have vowed to see the Islamic flag flying over the White House.

The Inquirer story spoke in reference to the Fort Dix case wherein “five foreign-born Muslims…had intended to carry out an attack on the Army base” (at Ft. Dix, New Jersey.) Jurors interviewed by the Inquirer stated that “the defendants had taken serious steps toward an armed attack on the Burlington County base.”

The details of the plots made by these men to attack an American military installation here on American soil are frightening enough. But what perhaps is more frightening is the scene inside the courtroom each day, when jurors stated that “large extended families” of the men were regularly present.

One must wonder as to the feelings regarding the United States and the West of these family members and friends, now living here in America and raising families with these same beliefs.

The Bulletin article of Thursday, January 22nd spoke to intelligence sources who claim that the terrorist group Hezbollah is expected to be a major threat here in the United States by 2014. If the idea that this is five years away gives you any comfort, consider this: do any of you plan on not being alive five years from now? Didn’t think so.

The article states that an official government report has concluded that the Iranian-backed Islamic terror group “has been forming sleeper cells throughout the United States” that could become operational at any time, and that this threat should be much more potent within those next five years.

For those unfamiliar, a ‘sleeper cell’ is a group of people who live and blend in with our culture, right in our own neighborhoods and work places. But these individuals, despite their outward appearances and actions, are prepared to join together and attack America whenever they are called upon to be activated to such a purpose.

They basically lay low in the weeds waiting for orders. Those orders might not come for months, years, even decades. When they finally come, the attack could be anything from a major nuclear, biological, radiological, or chemical one against a large target such as a sporting event or a downtown area, to one by more conventional methods such as the use of guns, knives, and grenades at a shopping mall or at a school.

The one thing that these recent articles at the front of Philadelphia’s own major newspapers highlights is that Americans of all parties, affiliations, and ideologies need to understand exactly what is going on in this war.

The Philadelphia police department and all police officers within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania received training in 2008 that introduced them to the ideas, practices, and plans of these groups in a course titled ‘Radical Islam’, so law enforcement is very much aware of the dangers.

From the Fort Dix case and prior, and that Hezbollah 2014 threat and beyond, this blog will continue with important and timely articles of interest.

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Islamic terrorists aren’t poor and ignorant

Nearly everyone on earth is aware that Islamofascism is one of, if not the biggest, problems facing today’s world.

Here in America, the iconic Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York were bombed in 1993 before finally being collapsed in the attacks of 9/11.

What some are not aware of is that the United States continues to be attacked, more than a dozen and a half attempts (at least) since that infamous date in 2001.

Included among these were Jose Padilla’s plans in 2002 to set off a ‘dirty bomb’, Dhiren Barot’s plan to attack the New York Stock Exchange in 2004, Kevin James and the plot to attack the National Guard facilities in Los Angeles in 2005.

There were Narsearl Batiste and his crew and their 2006 plot to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago, and the mammoth plot in summer of ’06 to simultaneously blow up numerous airliners flying from Britain to the U.S. using liquid explosives.

Right here in our own backyard in the Philly Tri-State area, we had the May 2007 plot to attack the soldiers at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

Who are these terrorists, and what do they want? Contrary to theories pushed by certain sociologists and liberal thinkers, terrorists are not poor, stupid, and ignorant.

An article titled “What Makes a Terrorist?” was published in the November/December 2007 issue of ‘The American’ magazine. In it, the highly-respected Pew Research Center conducted a Global Attitudes Project public opinion survey during February 2004.

The Pew survey was conducted in Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, and Turkey in an attempt to answer just that question: what does make a terrorist? Their findings show that those who both support and engage in terrorism activities are more highly educated and much better off financially than most in the region.

A similar study by the Rand Corporation found that almost 60% of suicide bombers among the Palestinians on the West Bank and in Gaza had more than a high school education.

Nasra Hassan, a U.N. relief worker in the region conducted interviews with hundreds of militants, and stated “none of them were uneducated, desperately poor, simple-minded, or depressed.” The article states what is a simple fact: people who are willing to sacrifice themselves for a cause have diverse motivations. Some motivated by nationalism, some by religious fanaticism, some by historic grievances, etc.

Facts seem to pretty clearly support that the majority of terrorists have education and means. They know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it, and they do it willingly and happily.

What Islamofascist proponents want is to reestablish the worldwide Caliphate and unite the world under Islam and their own political leadership.

To this end, they want to strike down western civilization, which is led by the United States and Great Britain, and which is highlighted in what they see as their own region of the Middle East by the nation of Israel.

Defeat the U.S., Britain, and Israel by either or a combination of physical destruction or political weakening of power, and the Islamic Caliphate can more easily take control. That is what they want, and they won’t cut any deals to ‘live and let live’. If we “bring home the troops” that will only stop one side from fighting.

The Islamic terrorists are not poor and ignorant. Far from it, they are coming for us, they will keep coming unless we utterly defeat them and their ideology. And in doing so, they are well aware of what they are doing, what price they will have to pay, and how long it may take to accomplish.