Book Review: Killing Jesus

A few months ago, I finished reading Bill O'Reilly's outstanding work "Killing Lincoln" about the assassination of the 16th President of the United States and the events surrounding and leading up to that event. The book was so well written and informative that it inspired me to purchase for my Kindle his other two similar … Continue reading Book Review: Killing Jesus


Lenten sacrifice

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the holy Christian season covering approximately six weeks until Easter.During the Lenten season, Christians traditionally prepare for Easter through a process of increased prayer, penance, and sacrifice.Of course, we are all supposed to be praying regularly, asking repentance and making atonement for our sins, and finding ways to … Continue reading Lenten sacrifice

Lent: Still time to re-dedicate yourself

You've had two shots at it now. First came your 'New Year Resolution' to quit smoking, begin a diet, start exercising, read more, go back to school, end a damaging relationship, whatever. Then came Ash Wednesday, and with it the beginning of Lent, and yet another chance to give something up, this time sacrificially.Okay, so … Continue reading Lent: Still time to re-dedicate yourself

After the fire, the fire still burns

John the Baptist began to spread the new way with a fiery oratory style and a radical message that inspired the masses and threatened the establishment. So the powers-that-be chopped off his head and extinguished his fire. Or so they thought. Little did they know that Jesus Christ was there to pick up the torch. … Continue reading After the fire, the fire still burns