Faith in Eagles management

There has been much lamenting and gnashing of teeth in Eagles Nation over the past week or so as players like Lito Sheppard, Sean Considine, Correll Buckhalter, and most especially Brian Dawkins have either been traded away or left the team via free agency.You also have the two twin towers of the offensive line for … Continue reading Faith in Eagles management


The Philadelphia Eagles need to replace…

...Brian Westbrook.What! What are you nuts, Veasey?Well we already know the answer to that question. After all, you're the guy who picked George W. Bush as your website 'American of the Year' for 2008. You're the guy who has consistently supported Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb.You think Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter are hot. You … Continue reading The Philadelphia Eagles need to replace…

Who is this Marshawn Lynch fella anyway?

Marshawn Lynch of the Buffalo Bills in a December 2007 game vs the Philadelphia Eagles I used to play Fantasy Football regularly, and was usually pretty good at it too. With a bunch of guys that I knew from my former profession in banking, I kept playing into my early years with the police department. … Continue reading Who is this Marshawn Lynch fella anyway?