Thankful For a Game?

It's Thanksgiving Day here in America, the fourth Thursday in November. It's a day where we give thanks to our God and spend time with the family and friends with whom he has blessed our lives. The day usually includes a traditional meal of turkey, stuffing, vegetables, pies, and other foods and treats. It also … Continue reading Thankful For a Game?


Happy Thanksgiving to you, happy birthday to me

On this coming Tuesday, I will turn 46 years old. Two days later is Thanksgiving. It is the closest that my birthday ever comes to actually falling on the holiday, which it will never exactly meet. Thanksgiving is celebrated always on the fourth Thursday in November, and if you do the calculating you will see … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving to you, happy birthday to me

It was twenty years ago today

  The date was August 5th, 1985, “8-5-85” as it would easily be remembered, and would become forever known in team lore. It was a typically warm, sunny summer evening on the softball field at Archbishop Ryan High School in the Northeast section of Philadelphia. On this night, the Brewers softball team was trying to … Continue reading It was twenty years ago today