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Make the Animals Serve Their Full Prison Sentences

As pretty much everyone already knows, four police officers were shot and killed early on Sunday morning in Lakewood, Washington.

Tina Griswold, Ronald Owens, Mark Renninger, and Greg Richards were not responding to a robbery call, not patrolling a dangerous part of town, not involved in a fight with a crazed criminal. They were just sitting in a cafe, catching up on paperwork.

The animal who walked into that cafe and gunned those small town heroes down in cold blood in a targeted assassination should never have been on the streets to begin with. He should never have had the opportunity to murder. The animal, and there is no other word that properly describes this particular being, had already been caged, on numerous occassions.

In August, September, and November of 1989, this animal was sentenced to more than 13 years on numerous counts of burglary, theft, and robbery. That was after having probation revoked already. He was only 17 years old. In February of 1990 it was 20 more years for burglary and theft, and then in November he gained a 6-year sentence for firearm possession.

By the time this animal had reached 18 years of age, it had already accumulated more than a century of sentencing time. During one particular hearing the judge had it shackled, claiming the animal had threatened him. There was no way, no way, that this animal should ever have been back out on the streets. No way that this caged animal should have been able to hurt anyone again. At least not anyone who wasn’t behind bars themselves.

But then in May of 2000, after this animal had been safely locked up away from the rest of us for over a decade, his total sentence time was commuted to just over 47 years by then Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

The effect of Huckabee’s commutation was that it made the animal eligible for parole that very day. Just two months later a parole board granted, and the animal was released on August 1st, 2000.

Beginning that very day, the rest of humanity was in danger. It didn’t take long though to get him back into a cage. In July of 2001 he was convicted of robbery and received a 10-year sentence. Another decade with this animal off the streets? Another decade for human beings to sleep in peace, at least from this particular animal? Hardly. He was paroled again, this time in March of 2004 after serving less than three years.

Beginning that very day, the rest of humanity was again in danger. This was a proven dangerous, violent, recidivist criminal, but governors, judges, and parole board members thought him safe to walk the streets with their own children, spouses, and parents. All of this occurred while in Arkansas, but these local officials didn’t have to worry about their safety or that of their loves ones for long, if they were worried at all.

The same month that he was released, the animal scurried across country, moving out west to Washington state where their Department of Corrections listed him as “high risk to reoffend” despite Arkansas’ apparent feeling that the public was safe. Their DOC was to continue his supervision until 2015, but he wouldn’t take long to prove his dangerous self. Again.

Earlier this year in his new hometown of Tacoma, where he established a reputation for being erratic and for throwing loud parties, the animal assaulted a sheriff’s deputy who had responded to a disturbance outside his home. The animal and two other males attempted to attack the deputy together, and were finally restrained when backup officers arrived.

The animal’s family has since reported that he was deteriorating mentally at a rapid pace, making messianic claims about himself, saying that he was Jesus Christ and that the end of the world was coming soon. He ordered his wife and two young relatives to stand naked in front of him at 4am, saying that this was a new Sunday practice.

A sister of this animal stated that it claimed the ability to fly, and that it claimed to have written a letter to the President, and it expected the Secret Service to be coming for it soon. The animal also stated that President Obama himself was going to come and support the idea that it was the messiah.

While investigating this incident the authorities came upon evidence which led to charges of the animal having raped a 12-year old relative. It was once again put into a cage where it belonged all along. Small children and the rest of the world was finally safe from the animal. That is, until yet another judge deemed him eligible for bail. He bailed out in early November. Just weeks later, he murdered the four officers.

The animal will never kill or hurt anyone ever again. Officers in Washington state made sure of that when they shot and killed him during the investigation of a stolen auto today. This was the culmination of a massive investigation and manhunt following the Sunday morning murders.

But while the community has been made safe now thanks to the police putting this animal down for good, we are left to wonder why it had to go this far. Why did numerous people need to be assaulted and robbed? Why did an officer have to be assaulted? Why did a little child have to be raped? Why did a family have to be terrorized? Why did four heroic officers have to die? Why do families have to suffer now forever?

Why? There is one simple reason. Because our criminal justice system in America is broken. Because when animals commit crimes against society and the police do their job and arrest them, putting them behind bars where they can no longer hurt anyone, and these animals are convicted by a judge or jury and given a sentence, that sentence is almost never carried out.

The “system” will give you a thousand excuses as an answer to our “Why?” question. It will talk about forgiveness and leniency. It will talk about rehabilitation and recovery. It will talk about fairness and opportunity. It will talk about overcrowding and financial costs. What it never seems to care about is safety and security for we, the people.

If someone is sentenced to 25 years in jail for robbing another, they need to serve 25 years. If they are sentenced to a half century in jail for raping a child, they need to serve a half century. If they are sentenced to life for some level of taking the life of another, they need to stay in jail for life. If they are sentenced to death for a cold-blooded murder, then they need to die.

The only people who need to have their sentences shortened or terminated or commuted are those who, based on some new evidence (DNA, confession of another, etc), receive a new trial and are subsequently acquitted of the charges. Those sentenced to death need some relatively speedy process of evaluation of the evidence, and then have their sentences carried out.

It is only through the process of completely and fully carrying out of the sentencing that the majority law-abiding public can have any real measure of true, lasting safety and peace. The vast majority of crime has been proven to be committed by the same recidivist offenders. The animals will maim and kill when released from their cages. Expecting any other eventuality is just plain ignorant.

Can Mike Huckabee go the distance?

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Over the past month or so the nation’s pundits, broadcasters, and editorialists have been broad-sided by the sudden rise in popularity among grass-roots Republican voters of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee.

Question really should be, why is this such a surprise to them? For months, Republican voters have been telling anyone who will listen to them that while President Bush was the best choice in ’00 and ’04, he has generally been a disappointment, and it is these voters who have kept the President’s approval ratings low in recent years.

Why has the President been a disappointment? Is it because of his handling of the War on Terror? Hardly. That is just one of the many reasons that Dems hate the man, but has little or nothing to do with Republican dissent. We on the right support the President’s measures in that regard, which we understand have helped to keep our nation safe since 9/11.

What we Republicans have been shouting from the mountaintops is that we are completely dissatisifed with the outrageous spending policies in Washington, which are way out of control, and which the President has done nothing to help control with vetoes or leadership.

We are disappointed with the failure to take seriously the control of our southern border, and to tighten up the problem of illegal immigration. Also, the obvious signs pointing to a North American Union that will inevitably erode our national sovereignty. Republicans are generally not stupid or naive. We know what is going on, and we don’t like it.

The one area that the President gets strong support from Republicans on besides the war handling is his Supreme Court nominees. Both John Roberts and Sam Alito were outstanding appointments, although the party base had to rise up in order to get Alito, after the President’s original poor nomination of Harriet Myers.

What Mike Huckabee represents for many Republicans is a departure from the slick, establishment, back-slapping, good ‘ol boy network. Mike Huckabee is an unashamed Christian, and if any Republican nominee fails to recognize the importance of morality to the base they will be swamped under.

It is one reason that I believe, in the end, Rudy Giuliani has no chance to win.Giuliani continues to lead in most major polls of national Republican voters. In the FoxNews polls, Rudy leads Huckabee and John McCain by a 20% to 19% margin for each of those followers.

In the Reuters/Zogby poll, it’s by a 23-22 margin over Huckabee. USA Today/Gallup have Rudy with the biggest margin by far, a 27-16 lead over Huckabee. Giuliani is tied with Mitt Romney at 20-20 in the Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, with Huckabee at 17. Huckabee actually leads the Rasmussen poll at 20-17 over Rudy.

All of this strength in support for Huckabee has happened in a short time. Just a couple of months ago, Mike Huckabee was polling in the single digits across the board. So what has happened, and can Huckabee keep up and improve on this surge?

It happened because Giuliani is what he is, as is John McCain. These guys have been around in the public eye for a long time, and their base supporters are who they are. Both men are finding it very difficult to expand from that base.

Mitt Romney is solid considering he started from behind in the national consciousness, and his strong financial picture and likeability make him a real contender to rise further. None of the other candidates have gained any traction, notably conservative Fred Thompson.

Mike Huckabee has stayed on-message, that he will be a strong, morale leader in a time where many conservative Americans and Republicans in general feel their faith and their values being left behind by politicians, the media in general, and the former mainstream press.

So while many Republican pundits continue to toss bombs at him, thinking that he cannot win in the general election against powerhouse candidates like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, they may be missing the real point. There is a serious reason why Huckabee has risen as an option, and if none of the other candidates seriously show that they also meet those requirements, Huckabee may remain as a serious contender.

There is really no reason to believe that Mike Huckabee cannot be to the Republicans in 2008 what Bill Clinton was to the Dems just 15 years ago. Think back to the fall of 1991. How many folks around the country knew who in the heck the governor from Arkansas who was running for the Dem nomination was? Everyone knew as 1992 wore on.

There is no reason the same thing can’t be happening right now with Mike Huckabee. I believe that Mike Huckabee is here to stay, and that his support could rise even higher as one or two of the other leading candidates drops out after the primaries begin to unfold in the early part of 2008.

Time will tell, but the real battle may come down to Giuliani and Huckabee, with Romney becoming a veep candidate and McCain and Thompson fading out of the picture. That is what is in this man’s crystal ball. Let’s see what happens.