It's amazing how little so many know about one of the most important terrorist attacks in recent years. So I'm taking it upon myself here to educate and inform those who have heard something, but don't know the details, in nutshell form. Benghazi is the 2nd largest city in Libya, and is located along the … Continue reading Benghazi


Birth pains of the new Caliphate

It's been a couple of years since I've seriously broached this topic. The recent riotous uprising in Egypt, categorized by the usual American media suspects as attempts at "democracy", bring the topic clearly back to relevancy.In actuality, the topic has always been relevant, but it always takes something major to wake up the American public.For … Continue reading Birth pains of the new Caliphate

Make pirates walk the plank

Shiver me timbers, thar's pirates lurkin' in the waters off the coast of Africa in 2009! Who woulda thunk it! Blue Beard? Black Beard? Captain Hook? Do these fellas have peg legs, long beards, bandannas, eye patches, and parrots on their shoulders?A bit light-hearted there, but there is really nothing funny about what is happening … Continue reading Make pirates walk the plank