Love those Wildwood days !

I've written before about the Wildwoods, New Jersey. But it's summer time, and you can never get enough of that Jersey shore town once the bug has bitten you. The bride and I drove on down last week and stayed overnight at one of our favorite Wildwood Crest beachfront motels, the Olympic Island Beach Resort, … Continue reading Love those Wildwood days !


These are a few of my favorite things

Fleetwood Mac at the band's 1998 induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame   This website. Fantasy baseball. Fleetwood Mac. Pizza. Citizen's Bank Park. The Godfather I & II.  Both my Toyota Camry and Avalon. The O'Reilly Factor.  "The Sopranos" and other cable TV series from HBO and Showtime. Dinner and a movie … Continue reading These are a few of my favorite things