American political revolution

It might be a bit too premature and over dramatic to use such terms, but it is not very difficult to make the case that what happened yesterday in Massachusetts is not some isolated election anomaly, but part of a burgeoning nationwide American political revolution.Since Republican Henry Cabot Lodge was defeated by a young, upstart … Continue reading American political revolution

R.I.P. 2009

Philadelphia Police Officer John Pawlowski (25) and six other law enforcement officers from Pennsylvania joined 113 more from around the United States as of December 30th. Rest In Peace, heroes all...Harry Wolf and Brian Bates...Harry Kalas (73), Danny Ozark (85), Peter Zezel (44), Gary Papa (54), Fred Sherman (86)...Michael Jackson (50), Patrick Swayze (57), Farrah … Continue reading R.I.P. 2009

Television & the presidency as a time machine

I was sitting at home this past Saturday night, just flicking around the dial, when a newly produced special report on the Fox News Channel titled "Television & the Presidency" caught my eye. Being a bit of a history buff, especially American history, it was right up my alley: a historical perspective on the role … Continue reading Television & the presidency as a time machine

Truth, and the Truthful Truth-tellers Who Tell It

Former Saturday Night Live funnyman Al Franken has in recent years taken his comedic and writing talents to the task of pushing his typically Hollywood-styled ultra-liberal political agenda with his own radio program on the disastrously failed liberal Air America radio network.He has also penned his liberal thinking in a pair of poor-selling books: “Lies, … Continue reading Truth, and the Truthful Truth-tellers Who Tell It