Indecent exposure

You are never going to hear me advocate forced censorship or book burning. I never have, never will.I leave true censorship to the ultra-liberals who want to support things like the deceptively named and unfair "Fairness Doctrine", a blatant attempt by liberal ideologues to shut down or drastically reduce conservative talk radio.True conservatives would never … Continue reading Indecent exposure

Parenting advice: Get your kids into sports

  Facts have been emerging that are showing what many have suspected for years: all things being equal otherwise, if a kid plays sports, he or she will earn more money, stay in school longer, and be more engaged in civic life. ' The American' magazine recently highlighted this theory in their "Little League, Huge … Continue reading Parenting advice: Get your kids into sports

Movie Review: Dan, in Real Life

  In my experience, cops are some of the strongest "family" folks around, and yet that can sometimes seem contradictory. The rate of divorce for police officers is as high as 60-75% according to some studies. One officer who has been married and divorced multiple times is even said to have amusingly stated: "If I ever … Continue reading Movie Review: Dan, in Real Life

Johnny & Susie sittin’ in a tree?

  When I was a little kid in Catholic grade school if you “liked” another little kid of the opposite sex, meaning thought they were cute,there was a now-quaint little ditty that the other little kids chanted at the two of you: “Johnny and Susie, sittin’ in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love, second comes … Continue reading Johnny & Susie sittin’ in a tree?