NFL playoff predictions

There is really only one way to make predictions on the outcome of some game or tournament and have yourself taken seriously, and that is to make them before even a single moment has been played.So here we are, just moments away from the kickoff of the first game of the NFL playoffs, and that … Continue reading NFL playoff predictions


Goodbye, Donovan McNabb

There has been a battle brewing in┬ámy pro football-crazed town of Philadelphia over the past couple of football seasons. That battle has been over the fate and future of it's quarterback, Donovan McNabb.Is McNabb good enough to lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl? Should McNabb be traded away?The answer apparently came on Easter Sunday … Continue reading Goodbye, Donovan McNabb

Michael Vick deserves a second chance

It was one week ago that the Philadelphia sports scene was thrown into a tizzy when the Eagles stole the headlines from the world champion Phillies, not with their efforts on the field in their first exhibition game, but off the field with the signing of quarterback Michael Vick.For anyone who has been living in … Continue reading Michael Vick deserves a second chance